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Feb 02nd, 2017
Are salespeople born or can they be trained? Should one concentrate more on the art of sales or the science of it? Which approach can give better and repeated results? These questions are often raised so as to give the sales force a better advantage and equip them with better training to drive sales. Let us delve a little deeper to understand what constitutes the science of sales and what forms the art of sales so as to get the correct answer to the question.   An example can better illustrate the science and art aspect of selling. Typically, in order to maintain relationships... + continue reading
Feb 02nd, 2017
E-mail campaigning, today, is a very common marketing tool to reach out to prospective customers. It is one of the most economical and effective methods for reaching out to a large percentage of consumers. However, if one sees from the point of view of the customer, he will find that most readers while checking their mail box tend to look for things to delete. The biggest challenge, therefore, for the sender, is to give the recipient of the mail a reason to pause, reflect and open the email instead of sending it to the bin folder. Here are some classic common mistakes which marketing... + continue reading
Why Grooming Is Important For Sales Staff
Feb 02nd, 2017
A sales executive is often the first point of contact between an organization and a prospective customer. The good impression that the sales staff creates in the mind of the prospective customer in his first meeting often paves the way for subsequent meetings and future sales. The first impression, therefore, is very crucial. One needs to ensure that the sales person is well groomed to leave a positive impression in the prospects’ mind. Grooming involves not just the physical appearance but also the other finer personality traits like body language, mannerisms and etiquette. In today’s... + continue reading
Tips​ ​to​ ​close​ ​deals​ ​by​ ​Cold​ ​Calling
Jan 31st, 2017
  Cold calling helps sales to increase only up to a certain level. This depends on the salesman who has mastered in the Cold calling method. Do you know 90% of the decision making customer never answer the Cold Call? The best time to cold call is between 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm and the worst time is 11.00 am to 2.00 pm. Best day to call a customer is on Thursday and the worst day is on Tuesday. The strategy states, that only 2% of the cold calling done by a salesperson, results in an appointment. Cold Call is just a phone call made by a Salesman to a potential customer. A cold... + continue reading
India 10 Best-Paying Sales Jobs
Jan 30th, 2017
The Indian consumer sector has grown steadily at an annual rate of 5.5 percent from 2005 to 2015. Indian economy depends on sales, for example, IT solutions, Softwares,  fast moving consumer goods electronics etc. therefore sales as a profession is very lucrative in India especially if one is on the higher rungs of the corporate ladder.  Here are the 10 best-paying sales jobs in India: Financial Services sales person A Financial service sales person helps clients in working out their financial goals, investment plans, and risk management. After analyzing the financial... + continue reading
How to spot a good sales guy
Jan 30th, 2017
The sales and marketing department is the backbone of any organization. It is highly important for business owners to pay a lot of attention to the recruitment process of sales persons. It becomes imperative for organizations to identify the core characteristics required for sale team to be successful. This can help entrepreneurs hire candidates who will be best suitable for their business. This article shall help you understand how to identify an excellent sales person.   1) A good sales guy must be knowledgeable and a good learner – Sales is an area where a person... + continue reading
How professional are your sales guys
Jan 27th, 2017
Who is a professional sales guy? How to know if your sales person is professional enough or not? You may have a good enough sales team which is able to adequately meet your sales target. Yet, how to further polish and train the team so that you are able to build a powerful sales force to beat the competition? Or if one hasn’t yet hired a sales person how to recognize a gem? Here are a few qualities which a professional sales guy must have. He builds long-term relationships with customers and shares a good rapport with them- He connects with customers on a personal level... + continue reading
Are you confused about Sales and Marketing jobs: 5 ways to understand the different profiles
Jan 18th, 2017
First, let us understand Sales and Marketing distinctively. A sale is a transaction between two parties wherein the consumer gets goods (tangible or intangible), offerings and/or property in exchange for money. A sale functions as a contract between the purchaser and seller of the selected material or services. Marketing is an action, set of establishments, and strategies for creating, communicating, handing over, and exchanging offerings that have a price for customers, partners, and society at large. Sales and Marketing are two individual job profiles; it works wonders... + continue reading
7 Proven strategies to boost Sales
Jan 17th, 2017
Finding new customers for one’s products or service is a challenge that every business, whether old or new, has to go through at some stage or the other. However great a product or service a business might be having, unless it finds the right customers, it is doomed to fail. One cannot go on increasing his marketing and advertising budget in order to gain more sales. Also, there can never be a guarantee that just by increasing the advertisement and marketing cost for a product will lead to growth in sales.   The below-listed strategies can be used as guidelines to push up... + continue reading
Key factors to increase Sales
Jan 17th, 2017
Head of sales has only one target in mind: to drive revenue.  The bests in the industry know that this is no ordinary task.  But many of us blow the problem out of proportion.  There are four critical areas: strategy, structure, people and process.  With measurable objectives and tactics across all four of these areas, your sales team will become optimized for the growth in sales and increasing revenue. Let us, therefore, drive straight into the details of how exactly we can achieve this. Strategy The first and the foremost thing in order to increase revenue is... + continue reading