12 Potato Chips Brands That You Can Munch Anytime

Published on Sep 08 2020

Have you ever woken up late at night with a craving to eat junk foods? Preferably some yummy, crispy potato chips? If you are nodding your head, trust me, we all are in this together! And you will definitely love it when we present in front of you some of the top potato chips brands to munch according to your mood, taste, or desire.

Among all the junk foods, potato chips are the perfect, anytime snack. The assorted flavours of potato chips can be our movie-time partner.  But did you know, apart from Lays, Bingo, there are various other Indian brands that manufacture potato chips? 

Along with the popular potato chips brands in India, we have come up with a list of chips brands that every Indian would prefer munching.

12 Potato Chips Brands That Are Worth Munching

Lay’s Chips

potato chips brands

Lay’s, many mistook it as an American brand but it is actually a Canadian brand. We all know the fact that it is one of the famous and best-selling chips brands in India. It offers plenty of exciting flavors in chips, which are made with fresh Indian potatoes, sliced and cooked in edible vegetable oils, and seasoned with delicious flavors. 

Pringles Chips

The potato chips by Pringles belongs to the company Kellogg’s, which is very much known for cereal products. 

These chips are available in several flavors with exquisite tastes and aromas, and the content includes potato, corn, rice Cheddar cheese, BBQ flavor, Ranch flavor, Dill pickle, Pizza flavor.

Doritos Chips

potato chips brands

Introduced by PepsiCo India, the world-famous premium brand, Doritos is another popular and most sold potato chips brand in India. Its signature flavor is called Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla chips. It offers the ultimate taste and crunch in the nacho cheese tortilla chips.

Enough of these popular international brands, let us take a look into the local potato chip brands that are worth mentioning. Here is a little support from our side for #GoVocalForLocal

Haldiram’s Chips

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Haldiram’s needs no special introduction as it is very much known for a variety of Indian sweets and snacks items. It has a wide range of different flavored potato chips like Halke Fulke, Kettle chips, tangy tomato, pink pepper potato chips, Achari masti, Chilli Shamaka, tomato madness etc.

Parle’s Wafers

The famous Indian brand, Parle, offers a range of tempting potatoes wafers in six flavors, Aloo Chaat, Tangy Tomato, Classic Salted, and Piri Piri – that could make your binge-watching a lot more flavourful!

Uncle Chips

potato chips brands

Uncle Chips was acquired by Amrit Agro limited. Their potato chips are an ideal combination of flavors and great taste. They offer many varieties like Spicy treat, Classic salted, Bombat Chilli masala, Sendha namak, Jakkas tomato twist. The brand is popular in India. Uncle chips was once a market leader in the industry.

Ruffles Chips

Ruffles, even without much marketing, is a popular potato chips brand among Indians. The brand manufactures rigid crinkly potato slices. The chips come in many flavors like smoky cheese, mix of flaming hot spices, and assorted sausages. They are from the company Frito lay. The chips contain ingredients like canola, corn, and sunflower oil.

Jacker Chips

jacker chips

Jacker potato chips are based out of Malaysia. Just like any other chips, these are crispy potatoes. Jacker is certified as a super brand. These crinkle-cut wavy potato chips are packed in red cylinder boxes. The company also manufactures wafer cubes and potato crisps. 

Bingo Chips

Bingo is a relatively new brand but has created a thriving place in the market. Its promotional campaigns like mad angles and Bingo tedhe Medhe are what has made it highly popular among the younger generation. These chips are made with stunning flavors and spice combinations. These potato chips have a unique and new pattern of shapes. It is ready to eat potato chips. These chips are from the brand ITC

You can find Bingo chips in different flavors like Achari masti, Chilli Shamaka, tomato madness, etc.

Balaji Wafers

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Balaji Wafers and Namkeen Company manufactures snacks of various types. This brand has seen tremendous growth in the chips sector. 

Kettle Chips

Kettle’s potato chips are tossed with exotic spices and herbs. These chips contain high monounsaturated canola and sunflower oils. They also produce other chips such as golden hued tortilla chips and Spanish chips from corn tortilla. Red chilli, cheddar cheese, salsa with mesquite, and Jalapeno jack are some other flavors of chips.

Visalakshi’s Snacky

Visalakshi’s snacky is the household snack in India. There are tasty potato chips with many packaged items such as roasted dry fruits, chana fry, and assorted namkeens. 

This brand makes potato chips in natural oil. You can customize potato chips as per your requirement, which is the best part of this brand.

Munching tasty snacks is no sin. So why not munch something tasty, yummy, and finger-licking good potato chips from the above brands? Let us know in the comments how good they tasted. 
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