4 solid reasons for your failure to achieve sales target

Published on Jul 24 2020

Hate it or love it; sales target is unavoidable for everyone. However helps to survive everyone irrespective of the professions from peon to chairman of the company, but the bitter truth is not everyone wants to become a salesperson. Most of us hate this career.

The reason is simple, it is the most challenging profession where you have to fulfill the target at every moment, and once fail to achieve means you are out of business, and most of the people don’t want to become the part of such challenging job where every day is uncertain.

The undeniable fact is, it’s like blood without which survival is impossible, however, the unbearable pressure comes due to some reasons which can be solved if taken care.

It’s not new as a salesperson to read countless books, learn new stuff and trying it after seeing it successful for others but the problem is even after ample amount of knowledge usually, we forget simple things that we know already and it always comes in mind after an unsuccessful deal.

People fail in sales because of some basic issues they are not addressing. Here are some reasons.



One of the worst (say best) disaster companies are doing including some big MNCs and they tend to forget that the customers are also human who can catch the lies.

The rule is simple- promise what you offer not what you can and if you can’t do it then don’t say it.

Never assume that customers are fools- they are smarter beyond your imagination and can easily spot your lies that will ultimately backfire.  When you are saying something false the body language behaves different, and that can be known even on a telephonic call.

The best way is to become truthful regarding the products/services and tell them why they need. If everything is fine, then they will come for sure.

You are talking too much


 We understand that you want to endorse the product and that need a brief explanation but seriously think twice, and put yourself in the customer shoes; do you have the same tolerance level?

You may have the ability to listen from a salesperson for hours, but not all have; in fact, 99% people and they are too big that you can’t miss them. Even a customer who decides to buy can change the mind because of your too much talking.

Sometimes the salesperson gives so many options that make the customers confuse which eventually becomes a turn-off.

You can’t force them to buy something unless they want and talking too much will cause sales disaster.

Putting yourself as primary


No one is interested what you and your company is doing, and maybe customers will want to know but after they decide to buy but you are doing exactly opposite, that will do nothing except reducing one more sale.

There is no use to give details about yourself unless you are coming for an interview and put in mind that prospects are interested in products for which you should be thankful to them.

It is better to tell what you are selling and what features your products/services offer and this should be short with details.

The less you talk, the less they will want to know more.

Remember, here the center point is the product that should get attention. Nothing matters apart from this.

Leaving after first rejection


We know most of the people say NO from the beginning but that doesn’t mean they are not interested.

In fact, there are a lot of chances of making them customers if your selling strategy is perfect.

You can take it as a test where some people want to know your willingness to sell, and if you give up just after first rejection, then it shows that you are not serious that will raise the question about your support after the purchase. 

How to achieve sales target

how to achieve sales target

The COVID-19 destroyed the entire market; however, the FMCG Industry is still picking up even after the global lockdown. 

If you are in FMCG Sales Career, there is a hope of achieveing sales targets. 

No, we are not saying through our prediction. FMCG sales were not as bad as other sectors where we saw many bankruptcies beyond imagination. 

Does that mean the game is over? 

The answer is no. It creates a new chapter in the FMCG sector, and salespeople will become more advanced in achieving sales targets.  

Before you dream about becoming a millionaire, let me tell you that the sales target is not easy, no matter what. 

The best example is Amul. Even though it achieves 17% growth, it still faced hard times during the pandemic to sell its products as restaurants, and tea stalls were closed.

These are natural disasters, but the point of saying this because sometimes, it’s challenging to sell the essential goods to customers during the emergency. 

Here is what you should do to achieve your sales target 

Observe your sales

It’s always essential to have an observation over your sales because this is where you can understand your customers. 

Create metrics to measure the sales target that includes leads, converted customers, reviews, etc. 

Have a close eye on your sales pipeline

It’s no brainer to check the sales pipeline occasionally though many of us do. 

The thumbs up rule is to monitor the sales pipeline every day even though it’s low. 

Observing pipelines will help you to know where you should focus on achieving the sales target. 

Remove unnecessary process

In sales, you always have processes to achieve the target, and sometimes, many unnecessary procedures take more time, resulting in losing the sales. 

The best way is to stay out of the bureaucratic style and follow up in the real sense.  

Follow up frequently, and this is where you will identify the real leads. 

Ask for referrals

Though this is not new, however, most salespeople ignore this strategy, which is helpful. 

You can offer some discounts for referrals that will help you to close more deals. 

Create your network

The best way to achieve more sales target is to connect with people who can help you bring more leads. 

Identify people through social connections, social media, and make a list to connect with them. 

The best way is to check LinkedIn profiles to find people who could become potential customers. 

The objective is to create your network through personal and professional connections. 

Sales are not about some trick, manipulation; it’s about helping the customer.

Once they believe that your products/services are solving their problems, you don’t need to give any explanation why should they buy.

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