4 things you should do to become more job ready while doing MBA

Things to do while doing MBA to become more job ready


MBA is a professional degree and you would be thinking that doing an MBA should be sufficient in making one job ready and one needn?t put extra effort to bag that coveted job offer on campus. But the job market is ever changing and demand for specific skills are on the rise. Companies are becoming more and more fastidious about choosing the right hire for their company. Time is valuable and no one wants to waste it on a bad hire. In an average MBA program in a college in India, you would be competing with an average group of 400 students. Do you think getting a hefty package job would be this easy? You need to differ from other students and maintain your USP.

In this article we are going to discuss 4 things you can do to become more job-ready during your MBA program:

Learn MS-Excel/MS-PowerPoint

Any professional who has spent at least a year in the corporate world would know the importance of this two software. Be it any industry and any role, working in MS Excel/MS- PowerPoint is a must. Therefore before you sit for the placements, make sure you have this thing in your resume. This is the most important yet most neglected skill set. So go online or buy a book and start learning the various functionalities of this two software.

SQL Language

Not all MBA graduates would need this but those who wish to go into data mining or data analysis would need to know SQL beforehand. SQL is Structured Query Language used to talk with databases and extract information from them. If you know SQL, you need not depend on anyone to help in fetching data from the database. This will be a very valuable addition to your resume if you wish to go for data analysis or data scientist jobs after completing your MBA.

Get yourself in pressure situations

Life after MBA is all about dealing with various pressure situations. Real life scenarios don?t give you a second chance. However, you can practise dealing with pressure while at a Bschool. Get yourself in pressure situations and learn to take decisions under such circumstances. Get involved in a lot of other activities apart from academics, have lots of deadlines to finish various tasks, learn to manage time efficiently among the different engagements. Only then you can come out as a successful management graduate. This is perhaps the last chance you will get to test your mettle with serious repercussions of your actions.

Do certifications and live projects

Certifications are important to get into some specialised jobs. If you are targeting those jobs, make sure you do the required certifications from the concerned bodies. It will help you a lot during placements. Working on live projects help you to understand real-world applications of the theory you study in your classes. Also, you make yourself more eligible for placements if you have worked on various live projects. So do some relevant certifications and work in live projects in the sector you wish to join after MBA. It will really add much-needed finesse to your MBA.

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