5 possible questions any job seeker might be asked in India in interviews- Interview tips

Published on Feb 07 2020

If you are in India and you are in the age group of 20-30, then you know how much demanding is the Indian market in terms of getting a job. Getting a decent job and moreover, a preferred job is kind of a fortune here. No doubt that you need to keep yourself prepared at every instant. As it is said that “Every success story begins when a prepared-you matches the opportunity”. So you might link your failure being unlucky sometimes but if you retrospect closely, you might see that you were not prepared efficiently. There was someone else who was more prepared than you and hence overcome the opportunity. While you are doing your best to win over your weakness, we will help you get a step closer to your dream. We are going to focus on 5 questions that are vital from the interview point of view. One thing to keep in mind that an interviewer wants to know you as a person first and then he will look at your skill sets. You will be playing safe if you are prepared in the areas where candidates tend to fumble the most. So let’s discuss a few questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself: You will find it the most repetitive and clichéd question to be asked in an interview. This being said, just remember that the way you answer this question defines a lot about you and how much you know yourself. If it is done well, then you have already created an impression of worthiness. So you realize that this is an important factor. What should you do? Prepare an answer well before your interview. Know the things that you are going to speak about are. Most importantly, rehearse saying it many times in front of the mirror so that you don’t fumble in the final day and you seem confident. You can check out a few videos on YouTube the way they are presenting themselves and accordingly you improvise your presentation over the time with constant practicing.
  2. Why are you interested in this job or position or this company? – This a very much expected question because it defines how much are you interested in the job or joining the company. To answer this properly, you need to do some background checks of the company and the job profile. For a company- You are supposed to know the key persons in the company, the clients, the products of the company, recent awards won by it or its key personals, its values, years of service etc. For the job profile- you can do your research in google or contact any person holding the position to get some real idea about the responsibilities. You should be able to point out something which will work for you as well and you present it in that way.
  3. What distinguishes you from others? – This can other way be asked as ‘why should we select you?’ – Try to frame it in this way. Put your career goals. And let him know how this job will help you to get in there. So you are going to give your best. If you have prior experience, you can mention that with experience and skills you will be the best fit for the position. You will add great value to the team by being a perfect team player.
  4. What do you think of your strengths and weaknesses? – Here just keep a note that your strengths and weakness should be in regard with you Job. It should not be something which does not have any relation to a professional environment. Or you should be able to relate them to the workplace. Prepare beforehand what you need to say and keep examples to showcase that.
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? – This is another important question. Some good amount of research is required to answer this. Don’t talk about a particular position that you envisage to see yourself in. Rather talk about the skills, responsibilities and leadership roles that you wish to get into.
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