5 reasons companies should use free job posting feature

5 reasons companies should use free job posting feature
Pallabi Sarkar
Thu, 10/17/2019 – 07:29

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Job posting feature or Job ads are purposefully used to get the word out that a company is hiring someone. These ads can take many forms, such as newspaper ads, billboards, or posts on channels like LinkedIn and Indeed. The idea is that the wider you cast your net, the more talented and skillful your potential employees will be.By making job advertisements,the company is able to set the tone for the candidates’ applications.They can clearly state the required skills and experiences to be considered for an interview, and exclude people who don’t meet these requirements. This way one can be sure that those who do apply are people who have what it takes to go to the next round of the recruitment process. The top 5 reasons why companies should use free job posting features are given below:

1.To reach to a larger audience

The job ad is made known to the general public or targeted to a select segment of candidates outside of the organization. A common method of targeting external job ads is posting to specialized job boards that cater to specific industries or demographics. Companies utilize external job ads when seeking to increase the existing employee base, or bring in new expertise and experience not already available within the company.By the use of varieties of social and print media,the job ads reaches to a larger audience.

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2.Targets & attracts the right mass

The best job descriptions combine a little bit of marketing, the reality of the role, the necessary skills and competencies and the organization’s culture. All those things put together are key to how to present an open role to the market.The companies are attracting a diverse pool of highly qualified applicants, as any job ads don’t alienate women, people of color, the differently abled and the LGBTQ+ community.As with the growing world,the ads have become vibrant which allows people of all uniqueness to develop themselves and reach their dream places/companies.

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3.Better way of communication

Putting job ads are the best way to communicate with candidates behind the screens.For example, an ad might ask job seekers to complete a project or submit a proposal as a condition for getting an interview. Hiring managers then evaluate the responses to determine if it’s worth pursuing a candidate or discarding his materials for not following instructions.It makes the recruitment process easier and mess-free.The basic needs for the recruitment can be easily communicated without much complexity through written ads.

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4.Is more innovative

Innovation is the key to success,either its in recruiting candidates or growing or taking forward the company.If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of a video. Unfortunately, most corporate branding videos are less than 100% convincing because they are obviously created by PR people. Instead, what is needed is authentic messaging in the form of videos that make it easy for targets to feel the excitement at a firm. Being different – while maintaining a clear strategic vision and – helps these companies consistently find, screen, and hire the right talent at a sustainable rate.

5.Better hiring strategies

Companies that build their candidate-sourcing strategy on top of these job posting pillars will generate more and better candidates and, moreover, fill openings faster than those that don’t. In today’s highly competitive job market, it can be the difference between building your house on the rock or on the sand. Or, more specifically, it is the difference between hiring great candidates who propel your company into the future and hiring subpar candidates who underperform and are poor cultural fits.


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Nothing builds your employer brand better than real stories from happy employees. There is a noticeable difference between a careers page with marketing messaging and one with authentic testimonials from actual people.To reap these benefits, it’s a good idea to implement an incentive program that asks employees to share their thoughts and personal stories about what it’s like to work at your company. Once you have these, share them proudly across your recruitment channels and websites.


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