5 Reasons to return To India

Reasons falls short in describing our HINDUSTAN.It is the land of diversity, culture, tradition,love, freedom, openness, spirituality, and a home for all regardless of citizens and strangers.India makes strangers feel like home and family all the time.The food,the people,the vibrant clothes,the scenic beauty!!!!!! Oh!!! Incredible India it is!!!! As rightly said,
“To other countries, I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
Life in India can be joyous, tough, colorful, stressful, chaotic but never boring.One may earn in billions throughout their life travelling all around the world,but the peace of getting back home in India is divine and indescribable.While adding spice to foods,it never forgets to spice up your life too. Summing up the reasons to return to India is infinite,yet let’s check out the best 5 reasons to be in this Country of people and authenticity.

1.Garden of Festivals
Festivals are celebrated all over the world but festivals in India means something unimaginable.The offices, institutions, corporate worlds, everything lits up during festivals.Individuals here merges with the sensations and feelings around, either he’s an Indian or not.Grand festivals like Holi,Diwali,Durga Puja,Onam, Pongal,Ganesh Chaturthi, adores all and spreads happiness like ripple.This sense of joy can be felt only in India.The country never stops to amaze it’s residents and guests by its nature of Colors and dynamicity.The heart aches when families , friends aren’t together during festivities,come down to India, you’ll sense heaven here.
Apart from festivals,taste aromatic and jaw-dropping food which are made in millions of varieties.Indians may eat many classy food all-over the world,but nothing tastes better than Desi food which has its own class rich in spice and grace. That is why you should return to India.

2.Sense of homeliness
Living in India feels like home.Still people are connected by emotions and prefer living in a joint family and the cheerfulness of eating together.Jobs have driven away people from their family,but Indian families make sure that there is a bond of soul apart from material world too.But wait!!!!! Even if you are a guest in India , you’ll feel home, absolute home.As ATITHI DEVO BHAVA is embedded in Indian culture.Earn and save enough money abroad to live a luxurious life in India.After all, sleeping at home, especially in homeland feels ethereal. Families and friends carry out fun get-together including people from all ages and that is actually great!!!! Lots of fun,food,gossips and recreation after your sweatful day. That is why you should return to India.

3.Plethora of opportunities
Now those who say India doesn’t have enough opportunities for NRIs or anyone who wants to live the rest of their life here, either never got anything to do or was mentally blind.Well honestly speaking, India holds some intelligent minds and that’s so visible when you look at the success of technology and management industry. Grand names like Ambani,Laksmi Mittal,Sundar Pichai are from India.You’ll find millionaires here and once you get your degree from abroad,your value will be much higher as India welcomes and withholds intellectuals.From entertainment to corporate jobs, teaching to creating, cooking to serving, India has it all,just your cooperation is required. India will give you the platform when you have the ability to excel in it.Well,India will teach you too to live.You can become an entrepreneur in India after your bank balance get chubby while working abroad or you can start with your passion which was maybe long-lost. That is why you should return to India.

4.Pristine Beauty
India withhold a bunch of scenic and natural beauties which will definitely make your heart go gaga over it.Living amidst nature is one serene thing which you may not find in many metropolitan cities.Many Indian cities are actually greener than expected, Bangalore is one.Apart from aiding you in earning,the country accompanies you in chilling out midst of natural resources. Taj Mahal,Golden Temple,India Gate,plenty of breathtaking waterfalls and so on.The smell of incense and the sound of soft chanting from the temples at sunset and the golden dewy glow of sunrise or sunset across the paddy fields that give everything a magical and mystical aura.India embeds you with experience of spirituality at its fullest.The country is so diverse, everywhere is different it feels like many countries all in one. With so much diversity you could never get bored – in fact it would take a lifetime to see and experience all India has to offer!Life is lived more fluidly here, it may seem chaotic at first but there is a method in the madness. That is why you should return to India.

Everything is possible in India!India is imperfect, it is raw, it is real and the beauty in the dirt and the faith within the chaos reassures one that it’s okay not to be perfect.She can really teach you a lot and can be a transformative and life changing place to travel in.Being a part of Christmas celebrations and parties with a dose of Indian-ness. Attending midnight mass and watching how the streets light up, especially in Old Goa, Shillong, Kolkata and Pondicherry.The country binds itself in unity and brotherhood.Need more proof that living in India is awesome? Ask his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists who lives in Dharamshala, India.Be in India to know how amazing the country is.You may hear a lot,but experiencing yourself living here is magical. That is why you should return to India.

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