10 things you should do to impress the recruiters during the interview

Interview Tips: How to Impress Recruiters during Interview

You are bracing up for the interviews for months. You get an interview call. You prepare all night to ensure you are presenting your best during the meeting. The next day, you wake up early, go to the interview on time, answer all the interview questions and step out of the interview with beaming confidence that you will get a job. But days pass, you don’t receive the call from the recruiter. Now, you wonder ‘what went wrong?’ Or ‘Did I mess up the interview?’ Or ‘Did I answer incorrectly?’

Does this sound familiar? 

Well, all of us have encountered this situation at some point in time of our career. But how to buck up and ensure you land into the job you are interviewing? The veterans of Mintly bring to you some interview tips to impress recruiter and convey that you are the perfect person for the position you are interviewing.

10 Interview Tips to Impress Recruiters:

Dress for success

Remember Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother? (HIMYM)? In the entire series of this American sitcom, Barney often says “Suit Up!” Because he thinks suiting up distinguishes himself from the crowd. 

That is true! If you are up to impress recruiters, suit up. This indicates your seriousness in the interview. If you are interviewing with a company full of folks wearing jeans and hoodies, then have a professional dressing, to say the least. Save the bright and flashy colours for another day. For now, choose a light coloured dress with a corporate Rock star look. But also, be conscious not to over dress yourself.

Another secret to impress recruiters is through using appropriate body language. What kind of body language is necessary for an interview?! Here is how you can decode it. Hold on to your positive attitude. Be cordial with everyone you come across and be nice to everyone you interact with. Have 2-3 copies of your resume handy. Smile and give a firm handshake to your interviewer when you enter the interview room. Look into the eyes of the person with whom you are conversing. Use your hand gestures appropriately. 

Presenting yourself to the recruiter in an appropriate manner is one of the interview tips  that can exude your sheer confidence and help you get a job. 

Research, research and research!

Are you ready to stand out of the crowd and get a job in the next interview? If yes, put on your detective hat now and investigate your potential employers! Learn about the company, its values, culture, history, vision and mission, key players, clients, products and services, the insider stories and also the person interviewing you. This is how you can impress recruiters. But if you also want to create a lasting impression, study the industry trends, the employer’s market strategies and what makes the company unique altogether. This knowledge demonstrates your genuine interest in the company and will act as a premium perk when they are testing your job readiness. 

Arrive 8 minutes early

Too early and too late – Both can offer a bad impression to the employers. Arriving too soon can pressurize the company staff to abandon their other obligations and concentrate on your interview. If you arrive late, you are actually making your employer wait for you, and that is definitely not a good thing! In both cases, the candidate may be perceived as unprepared and disrespectful. 

Although it may sound like a good plan to reach the interview location at least half an hour early, walk in through the front door only 5-8 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time. Till then, wait in a nearby coffee shop or in the neighborhood. Use your waiting time wisely. Take some deep breaths and calm your mind. Repeat some affirmative statements to yourself, such as “I will get a job!” or “I will impress recruiters with my skills and knowledge” or “I am competent” or “I am intelligent”. Does it sound goofy? Who cares! It helps to be confident during the interview.

Keep your response short but brief 

Recruiters want to know about you and various other aspects of your professional life in the stipulated time. They will ask  numerous questions and analyse your answers to ensure you are job ready. But interviewers are certainly not looking for elaborated descriptive answers. They expect short and crisp responses that evince your smartness. So, Stick to it! 

The recruiters may ask questions like “Why do you want this job” or Tell me about yourself” or “Why are you changing the job?”. These questions intend to test your interest in the job role and to understand you as a person. Ferret out how you can help the company or the job with your skills and talents, and brief about it. Be ready with at least 4-5 mini-stories of your achievements at work place in Challenge-Action-Results format to use it in your answer, and prove the recruiter that you are a better fit for the job position. Without any doubts, this is the way to impress recruiters.

Tell the recruiter how you can help

When the interviewer asks “Why do you want this job?”, how many times have you given a blank stare or blurted out the obnoxious answers, such as “I need it so that I can learn a lot” or “I am looking for a full-time job opportunity” or “It is a wonderful opportunity and I would like to take it” or answered something on similar lines? Well, dear job interviewees, these answers neither answer the questions nor impress recruiters. Instead, share how you think you can utilize and apply your skills and your knowledge to the job role. 

Every answer to the interviewer’s questions should be weaved very consciously. The answers should convey how you and your services can help in the progression of the company. Assist your recruiter to envision you as a team member of the company. This sort of tailoring the answers communicate one strong message to the recruiter – You are not looking for any job, but their job! 

Show restraint

Unless you are CEO, COO, Celebrity, head of the country or holding any higher position, you may haven’t encountered conversational pitfalls. Because for a common man, an occasional misspeaking is unlikely to have any significant consequences, unless it is in an interview!

Job interview determines your suitability for the job and the company. Irrespective of how many job interview tips you have read, if you don’t know what not to say in an interview, it will surely cost your job. As a thumb rule for the interview, here are a few things which you shouldn’t talk:

  • Don’t talk about money or benefits (at least not in the first interview)
  • Don’t badmouth your previous employers (because companies don’t hire who complains). 
  • Don’t mention anything other than your career aspirations.
  • Don’t talk about taking up part-time jobs. (Employers want loyal employees who work with them for decades and more)
  • Don’t mention about taking vacation immediately. This can be a red flag to the recruiters. 

Have a set of questions for the recruiter

Interview the team which is interviewing you. This interview tip helps you impress recruiters, lets the recruiter talk about their company and their culture, and what they expect from your job role. Here is a list of questions you can ask your recruiter during the job interview:

  • How do you measure success in this particular job role?
  • What are the challenges we encounter in this job?
  • What does a typical day in this job role look like?
  • What do you expect from me in the job in the first six months or one year?
  • How do you define the company culture? Who thrives in this work environment and who doesn’t?
  • What do you like about your job? What excites you? What do you like about this company? I would like to know something about your background. 
  • What are the most significant challenges you are facing in this industry?
  • How fast is your industry/business growing?
  • What did you like the most about the person who was employed in this job position previously?
  • What makes you better than your nearest competitor?
  • What was the company’s significant achievement last year?
  • What makes people stay at your company?

Don’t agree to start immediately!

As important as it is not to badmouth your previous employees, it is vital to show your potential employers that you care about your previous role, responsibilities and employers. When the recruiter asks when you can join, don’t jump in and answer “Immediately”. This doesn’t impress recruiters. Nope. Not at all.

Employers appreciate it if they know you care about your current employer’s operations despite leaving the job and company. So, if you are currently employed, always mention the notice you need to provide, the notice period you need to serve. Your potential employers appreciate it. 

Be smart, be honest and be strategic

Since our childhood, our parents have taught Honesty is the best policy. They have educated us to be honest with friends, family, partners, and at work too. But a job interview requires a little more than honesty. It needs you to be smart, honest and strategic -all at the same time. Wondering how? Here is a list of simple interview tips to guide you. 

  • Don’t exaggerate your strengths. You will be perceived as arrogant. If you don’t know a particular skill, admit it. 
  • You indeed want to get a job, but lying about your skill level for the job is certainly not a good idea. Eventually, the truth surfaces and you will be in trouble. 
  • Don’t hesitate to talk about your weaknesses. Answer with confidence. This is one of the best interview tips to impress recruiters. But at the same time, don’t talk about the weakness unless the recruiter specifically asks for it. Otherwise, it points out your lack of self-confidence. 
  • Authenticity and humility are two characteristics that can impress recruiters and make you more likeable. 
  • Be strategic in expressing your desire to learn. In other words, don’t be dishonest. 
  • Mention clearly about what action you have taken to overcome your weaknesses. Accentuate the positives

Send out thank you mail

In a high-tech and deep-tech world where you can search the jobs within your fingertips and interview for jobs sitting at the comfort of your home, something as mundane and low-tech as sending a thank-you email after the interview may sound downright antiquated. You may even question the fundamental purpose of sending out a thank you mail. But remember, Showing gratitude and saying Thank you is a simple sign of respect. 

Do you know, 57 per cent of job candidates don’t send thank-you notes or emails to the potential employer? Considering this fact, if you take an extra step and send out a well-crafted thank you email within a day or two, it may set you apart considerably in the employers’ eyes. This may even give you an edge to get a job. 

Here is how you can write the thank-you mail: Write about how glad you were to attend the interview in their reputed company. Pick out the important points from the meeting such as a piece of new information you learned or a conversation topic or a particular skill, and elaborate on that. Through this mail, you can also remind the recruiter why you consider yourself as the best candidate for the role. To know more about this interview tip, refer “How to write a job interview thank you letter?

Interviewing for various companies and not getting any responses can be tedious. But with these interview tips, you can certainly impress recruiters and persuade them you are the best candidate for the job role. So, use these tips appropriately. Practice, prepare, give your best and go, get a job now! And let us know in the comments how these tips helped!