5 Tips on Time Management for Sales teams

Time management is one of the most challenging tasks for the sales people. Improper time management leads to loss of productivity, missing deadlines and low work quality. In order to eliminate these, the following are five tips on managing time for sales teams.

Plan your prospects

Prospects mean an event which is going to occur in future. Schedule your sales calls, client visits, paper works and other tasks in your free time. Make prospecting a daily habit. Spend an hour in your day to check or explore your client base. It is not an easy task but it is one of the most important things associated with sales. By doing this, it will help you save time to a considerable amount.

Schedule your time

In a day you need some time to handle your paperwork, customer issues and other important tasks. It is time-consuming and also it will reduce your productivity, but it is more important to keep your customers satisfied. So you have to schedule these things at the end of your day so that you can start off the next day?s work without any backlogs. So scheduling time will definitely increase your productivity and help you to save time and relieve you from stress.

Forget multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is working on many tasks at the same time. People think multi-tasking can reduce the time and increase productivity, but in real time multi-tasking is just a myth. While multi-tasking, you may face several issues such as:

  • Losing concentrating on a particular task

  • Not noticing errors in your work

  • Not completing the tasks on time

  • Increasing work pressure and stress

  • Decreasing your day?s productivity


Therefore instead of working on many tasks at the same time, try to complete your day?s tasks one by one. By doing this, your productivity won?t decrease and also you won?t have any incomplete tasks.


If you are a sales professional who deals with outside sales, split your work territory into five zones for five days in a week. As a sales representative, you should work in one zone for a day, so use one day to work in a single territory. If there are any client visits or any client wants to meet you which is outside of your work zone for that day, check whether you can meet the client on the day you are scheduled to be in that place. But in order for this to work, you must schedule your appointments carefully. This is the most effective time management technique for the sales representatives who deal with outside sales.

Checking e-mails

Checking e-mails in not the most important thing when comes to time management, but this will make you focus on the current tasks that you have at hand. But checking e-mail very often can cause time drain. This means that it is not necessary to check your email as soon as your phone starts to vibrate or you see a number next to the word that says Inbox in your mail. You can check your emails three to five times a day. Checking e-mail only helps you to remind if there are any missed appointments, pending works and so on.