5 Websites where you can check your resume scores

5 Websites where you can check your resume scores
Pallabi Sarkar
Tue, 10/15/2019 – 08:37

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Building a resume or CV is the primary step prior to an interview.For many it’s the first resume,for some it can be the tenth,but are you sure your resume is perfect and excellent? Well, to make your journey easier,smooth, less-nervous and more confident, there are some best and authentic websites where you can check your resume score and make your walk-in-interview positive.Mind it,your first impression matters!!


It is a professional resume writing service with 96.4% success rate that hires skilled resume writers to help job seekers get high-quality resume or CV writing assistance. At Skillroads.com, your security and privacy are vital.The website is mindful of the personal details they ask you to provide with and personal data that is gathered through the operation of their resume services. When making a resume with skills roads, you get access to a password-protected personal account with all the data controlled by you.Once you are done making your CV, you can subscribe to Skillroads to check your scores and step forward.

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RezScore analyzes your uploaded resume and provides surprisingly accurate advice. If you’re applying for a new job and need to get your resume in shape, it could be a very helpful tool.The functionality of RezScore is very, very simple. You upload a resume, opt in or out of being contacted about further help, and RezScore generates a page full of advice to help you improve.The usefulness of RezScore- Perform an in-depth analysis of your resume Fix any spelling and grammar errors Improve your word choices Craft your ‘Professional Headline’ Tweak your formatting and presentation Produce a custom ‘Tip Sheet’ with specific advice for improvement

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LiveCareer’s online resume builder makes it fast and easy to create a resume that will get you noticed.It will guide you step-by-step with personalized templates, pre-written bullet points, and expert resume writing advice. Stand out and get noticed faster!45% of applicants skip the cover letter—that’s a mistake. LiveCareer makes it incredibly fast and easy to create a cover letter that will set you apart from the competition.Their critique is broken up into four main categories: Impact, Brevity, Style, and Average Bullet Score. Many of the suggested edits can be found for free, while others are locked. In order to access the full critique, you will need to “Upgrade to Pro.”LiveCareer is the parent company of MyPerfectResume – one of the largest resume builder services on the market.


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The Resume Center does a great job of offering a free resume analysis with very few strings attached. Simply enter your email and upload your resume. While other free resume reviews online require excessive information, The Resume Center keeps it short and sweet.While the website is one of the least visually appealing on the list, the overall process is still pretty simple. You can expect to be asked to upload your resume, type in your name, email, and the position you are targeting. You also have the option to type any comments that you’d like to include for the review.Simply upload your resume and you are instantly taken to a resume reviewer page, which provides you with a summary of your resume as well as some suggestions on how to improve it.

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Monster is a well-known job search site with a focus on IT and technical jobs.In addition to hosting hundreds of thousands of jobs, Monster provides a free resume assessment.After uploading our resume, it takes to a Profile Information page to fill out additional information. Here you are asked to provide email, name, phone, country, zip, career level, education level, and work authorization. Upon submitting this information, Monster begins to promote their job board by asking if you’d like your resume publicly listed in their directory.Lastly, you will end up on their homepage. Check your email for a confirmation from Monster that your resume critique is in progress.Monster with its cutting edge technology provides relevant profiles to employers and relevant jobs to job seekers across industry verticals, experience levels and geographies.

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