7 Proven strategies to boost Sales

Finding new customers for one?s products or service is a challenge that every business, whether old or new, has to go through at some stage or the other. However great a product or service a business might be having, unless it finds the right customers, it is doomed to fail. One cannot go on increasing his marketing and advertising budget in order to gain more sales. Also, there can never be a guarantee that just by increasing the advertisement and marketing cost for a product will lead to growth in sales.


The below-listed strategies can be used as guidelines to push up your sales without increasing your marketing costs significantly.


  1. Build good relations with customers– One should always aim at building good, healthy relationships with one?s customers. A happy and satisfied customer will not only give a good review of your business to his friends and acquaintances but may also return for future purchases. Building long-term relationships with customers, thus, is important not just to increase sales but also for the goodwill and reputation of one?s organization in the long run. Small, little gestures like sending a ?Thank You? note or making a phone call to make sure that the customer is happy with the purchase, can go a long way in building long-term relationships with customers.


  1. Multiplying distribution channelsChanging the channels through which one sells products or selling through more than one channel can bring abut significant changes in one?s sales volume and revenues. Try to develop multiple channels to reach out to more customers. Wholesale, retail, business to business (B2B), trade fairs and exhibitions, online sale ? one should try different channels, especially, in the initial stage of business and settle down to the ones which give maximum business in the later stages.Some channels may bring in not only more sales but also lower down the advertising and distribution costs. The effect of using different channels should be carefully observed and studied before making a final decision on which channels to sell through.


  1. Know your Customer – Very few business owners really know who their customers are. By gathering information about existing customers through surveys, interactive sessions and events, one can find out many customer details like income bracket, family size, location of the customer etc. Knowing and defining one?s existing customers is important to refine one?s market and target more accurately,  leading to less wastage of time and increased sales.


  1. Cross Selling – Cross selling, in simplest terms, refers to selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. Many existing customers of a company may not be familiar with the entire line of products the company deals in. So it becomes essential to introduce them to products which they have not already bought. Cross-selling is beneficial as it increases one?s sales volume and also leads to closer ties with existing customers. Customers who buy multiple products from the same company are less likely to switch to competitors.


  1. Use Social mediaSocial media is a great tool to connect with customers in today?s media-driven market. The importance of social media in boosting sales should never be ignored. Social media can be used effectively to drive sales in three different ways. Firstly, it can be used to create brand awareness about one?s product, secondly to promote offers and discounts and thirdly, to keep in touch with existing customers on a regular basis. Putting up interesting information, latest news, trends and happenings in the industry and behind ?the-scenes pictures on social sites, shows that one values his customers and is also interested in building personal relationships with them.


  1. USP or Unique Selling Preposition ? The best way to cut down competition is by offering something to the customer which none of his competitors are offering. A USP is something which compels the customer to buy service from a particular person rather than from his competitors. If one already has a USP, one should try and highlight it, to the maximum possible level, in his advertisements and while interacting with the customer. If one doesn?t have it, he should try to create it by adding something unique to his service or product.


  1. Attaching offers with advertisements Advertisements which come up with powerful offers are more likely to generate inquiries and lead to sales. One, should, therefore, always try to make interesting offers whenever one brings out an advertisement in any media.


Competition is very fierce in today?s business world and the challenge is not only to bring in new customers but also to retain the existing ones. Right business and sales strategies like the ones listed above can help one to stand out amongst his competitors and generate continuous sales without any worries.