7 signs you are in a wrong startup

Published on Sep 19 2018

In case you are struggling to understand the future scope of your career, you are not in the right place for sure, and it’s time for a change. The problem is not always about the company, sometimes it’s related to some specific positions that you are working. Or maybe your company doesn’t think you are worth, which is why they assign you the task that does not add value. However, in most of the cases, people hesitate for a change because of losing a steady paycheck (or say high paycheck), and the uncertainty of the next move forces them to stay there. Often people tend to think that working in a startup will help the career and which is why despite feeling bored about the work they stay there but the truth is not all startups provide equal opportunities of growth. Yes, working in a startup comes with different perks like improving your skillsets and experience that you never find in a big corporation, however, in my personal experience I can say that not all offer the same opportunities. Here is how to know that your startup is not helping to grow your career and probably you are in a wrong startup.

You are doing the same task

Though this is a scenario in the corporate sector due to their size of employees, whereas this should not happen at a startup due to various reasons. In a startup, it is common to work on multiple tasks or doing new tasks in most of the time as the days are passing, but in case, you are doing the same task from the day one of your joining, it’s time for a reconsideration. Probably, your company doesn’t trust your ability and is afraid to assign you new tasks or maybe their knowledge is limited regarding the business they are doing. In this case, startup founders have little trust in their employees’ ability which is the biggest mistake they are doing and chances of growth in their business is less. While you are starting a business and hiring people, you should have trust in your employees’ ability otherwise, there is no point in doing business. If you are doing the same task for a significant time, it’s time to ask for a change to your higher authority where you can test your ability. In case they refuse, it’s time to change because if the work you are doing will be outdated, chances of losing your job are more.

Your job doesn’t help you to learn 

The growth of a career happens if you are learning new things otherwise sooner or later you will end up losing your job for sure once your knowledge becomes outdated. If you feel that your job is not challenging anymore, and you are satisfied with your performance, you are hurting your growth indirectly. A job should offer new skills, training, growth, and most importantly it should be challenging, and if you are not getting anything; it’s time to say goodbye.

Your payment is low

As we know if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, and payment is the most sought-after reasons for employees, and often we hear about low payment and sometimes worst for not getting it in time. Though money should not be a primary factor to join a company, however, it shows how much the employers care for their employee. If the payment doesn’t adjust the cost of living, it increases stresses, and it affects the performance. Often we found that low paying jobs take long hours in comparison to high paying jobs.

You feel bored

The alarming sign you should not ignore at any cost because ideally your work should add value and increase the company revenue, and in case you are feeling bored; probably your work doesn’t affect your company much, and maybe it’s not so important for them. They may do it as an extra task and can stop it at any moment. In a boring workplace, you have a lack of motivation and don’t even want to do the task again as you don’t find anything exciting. A boring task may affect your mental condition, and it may make you depressed after sometimes and can cause career dissatisfaction. People having exciting jobs are performing better and lead a happy life.

You avoid discussion on your professional life

Often your friends and relatives ask about your position, but you don’t want to discuss it, and in fact, you hate your job title more than your enemy. Usually, people want to show their professional growth whereas this is not a case for you and the job title is a burden for you. You always avoid discussing what’s going on your office life and professional growth because that’s not happening with you.

Your colleagues are resigning regularly

The biggest blunders for a startup comes when its employees are fleeing, and some even don’t give the notice period. It indicates that the company leadership is managing their people in a wrong manner and maybe there is a lack of democracy and the founder does what h/she thinks and doesn’t take any advice from the employees. As a startup founder, a person should always give equal priority to its earliest employees and should take their suggestions. If the founder behaves like a dictator and people are leaving the company on a regular basis, probably, you should think again in case you want to continue.

The founder thinks people are trying to steal his/her ideas

 Some founders make too much issue about their ideas, and they have doubt on every single person that they may steal their ideas. In reality, no one can steal the idea, and make a billion dollar company because having a thought and execution both are the completely different process, and not everyone can do it. Secondly, there is no guarantee that the first concept will win because Facebook is not the first social networking site and Gmail is not the first email service, and neither Google is the first search engine. Some founders cross all the limits and try to control or monitor every single movement of their employees because of such doubt. If you are facing such situations, you should leave the organization as soon as possible.
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