Are you confused about Sales and Marketing jobs: 5 ways to understand the different profiles

First, let us understand Sales and Marketing distinctively.

A sale is a transaction between two parties wherein the consumer gets goods (tangible or intangible), offerings and/or property in exchange for money. A sale functions as a contract between the purchaser and seller of the selected material or services.

Marketing is an action, set of establishments, and strategies for creating, communicating, handing over, and exchanging offerings that have a price for customers, partners, and society at large.

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Sales and Marketing are two individual job profiles; it works wonders if the two work hand in glove. A company acquires good relationship and in turn sizable revenue from their valuable buyers with their sales and marketing strategies. A relationship builds trust and a better product reach.

Sales Profile

  1. Product Knowledge: A Salesman must be extraordinarily well-versed in the selected product.

  2. Exploring new customer: A salesman has to be ready to explore new customers from different places and from varied walks of life. A salesman also has to be eager to target different age group customers as well as from different knowledge background.

  3. Follow unique approach methods to reach the customer: An excellent approach is critical to sales fulfilments. The correct approach will classify one as obliging and pleasant with a solution to provide; whereas a wrong one will pick out the salesman as troublesome and could end up as a cause for losing out on a prospect

  4. A good presentation: A good presentation by the salesman about the product attracts more target customers. Nothing is worse for a salesman than a bad presentation. Presentations will help to interact better with a prospective customer.

  5. Good Follow-up with the customer: A good follow-up will result in a good relationship with the customer. There must always be an agreement when a follow-up is made. It?s crucial to preserve some follow-up ammunition in reserve. Overwhelming your prospects with each piece of record on the initial stages might hamper the customers to decide. Follow up calls establish better relations with the customers and have a great role in closing the sales on a positive note.

Marketing profile

Let us understand a few significant features of a Marketing professional.

  1. Understand your Customer: Before marketing a product, understand the market situation and customer needs. Understand the reason why the customer will need your product and understand in such a way so as to target different types of customers.

  2. Understand your business objective: Recognize the extent you want your business to reach. Aim and set a goal to achieve the market position. Communicate and encourage every employee to be accountable to achieve the goal.

  3. Understand what your company is selling and what your customer is really buying: Identify the customers need and make out why they do business with the company. Also, recognize what and why they would like to do business with your company. Theses statistics help to improve your business.

  4. Understand market competition: A good marketing professional must understand the market competition for your product or services. There are many companies doing the same type of business. This creates more competition and motivates one to formulate better business strategies.

  5. Understand the required investments in the business: Growing and executing an advertising strategy is a matter of planning, time and money. Monitor the business strategies and plan on a weekly basis throughout the year.

A good Marketing Strategy coupled with a focused sales team works wonders for any organization. Co-working, the Sales and marketing departments can ensure success and increase revenue inflow. It also helps in improving and retaining a loyal Customer base.

                                                                                                                                     Happy Sales and Marketing!!!!