Does University degree really matter in India?

Published on Jul 19 2020

Indian society believes mostly in the factory model of education as the education system is still now following the same process and learning methods for educating the Indian youths.

But today the education is being based more on technology and modern learning.

The more India is getting developed and literally educated the more they are finding scopes regardless of any degree.

India is today surrounded by many successful entrepreneurs those who are mere college dropouts.

To give an example, Ritesh Agarwal, the owner of OYO Rooms is the name that is trending right now in India.

He has recently won Economic Times Startup of The Year. While role models can give you an idea about successful people with no college degree, it is better to say that in this generation the success in any job is more based on skills and performance than degrees.

Where not everyone is supposed to be an entrepreneur or has the idea and possibility of taking the risk of opening startups, there are now good-pay jobs for apprentices without any college degree.

No more depended on classroom learning

While advanced technology has given the whole world to be open to every possible opportunity to learn and perform Indians are not hesitant of approaching the method of e-learning.

There are many students, nowadays, those who, in spite of having university degrees, are approaching for short-term online courses and getting certified for the knowledge.

This way many of the curious minds those who do not find comfort in classroom learning or cannot face unnecessary competition, can easily learn about the same things in a different method and approach.

A number of people are already taking it as one of the most unconventional yet fruitful ways of gaining knowledge in certain subjects.

Also, the reason for e-learning programmes being popular in India is because one can choose the subjects that they are really interested to learn for future performances and not those that are not necessary.

India follows the trend

In the era of smartphones, Indian youngsters today are more technology-addicted than ever where even second standard students are getting acquainted with the latest technology developments.

Gone are the days when education used to be preferred as the major factor for being eligible for a good job.

A basic education is essential for understanding and gaining problem-solving knowledge that helps in handling real-life events.

Also, the recruiters in this generation seem to favour those who have practical experiences and skills to handle the job responsibilities, over those who have higher educational degrees.

Job criteria today

People and their mindsets have changed regarding career and education. Now individuals are being recognized for their talents in the organisations and not for how long they have studied and how they have scored in schools and colleges.

There are quite a number of job roles that require a proper degree certificate for being qualified but also there are jobs that need no such degrees and people can get trained and do well in future.

Hence job criteria today include abilities like working hard, good communication (because it’s a must), relevant professional qualities while educational qualification is not given any huge preference.

However, this article does not inspire youths not to go to a University after high school. It does not necessarily mean that no one needs a university degree anymore in India, but it means that one doesn?t need to know everything to be an expert at his/her choice of subject and profession and that one can earn money even without a university degree.

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