Excel hacks/ Shortcuts that will be useful and save your time

Excel shortcuts one should know
Microsoft excel since its inception has been a very helpful tool in collating, calculating and analysing information as quickly as possible and make work as effective as possible. Excel spreadsheet is one of the most widely used computer application which helps in organizing, storing and analyzing data in tabular form which is easily evaluated.

In the previous article I had mentioned about the important excel formulae often used by MNC/companies. Though the charts, formulas and other tools help in analysing, summarizing and managing all the important data, it can be overwhelming to use the excel without its shortcuts. Excel comes with all the facility to control every menu and operation in the application from the keyboard with proper excel shortcuts.

In this article I will be writing about Top Easy 20 Microsoft Excel Shortcuts that will be useful for people in their daily work lives and can save a significant amount of time. The list of Excel shortcuts tricks is more than enough and can be learnt and used effectively. Once these shortcuts are mastered, the result would be a highly efficient output in a significantly shorter time period.

Mastering the old and overly used shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V will not go in vain since these shortcuts work in the new version of Microsoft excel. But some of the old excel shortcuts do not work in Microsoft Excel 2013.

Now let’s go through the most common shortcuts one must know:

1.       Home

The Home button on the keyboard takes the user back to the beginning of a row with just a click. While using excel, if the scroll lock is turned on, clicking the ‘Home’ button takes the user to the cell in the upper-left corner of the window. When the menu or sub menu is open, the home button selects the first command on the visible menu. With this key, users can move to the beginning of a worksheet. All it takes is by combining Ctrl + Home buttons. When working in a cell, using the Home/End buttons allows users to easily move to the beginning of the cell data and the end of a cell data.

2.       Ctrl + Page Down & up

Ctrl + Page Down and Ctrl + Page Up button helps users to quickly surf through worksheets in an excel sheet. Instead of crawling through the lines and wasting time trying to get to the end of the page/ worksheet, users can jump from one worksheet to another with ease through this keyboard shortcut. Ctrl + Page Up moves to the previous worksheet whereas the Ctrl + Page down moves to the next worksheet and significantly reduces the use of mouse.

3.       Ctrl +Arrow Keys

The arrow keys are useful for users to move one cell up, down, left, or right in a excel-sheet. With the help of this feature the user can easily move to the edge of next data region, provided there are no blank cells on the worksheet

4.       Ctrl+5

When one finishes a designated task and wants to strike it off just to keep a track of the list, the shortcut Ctrl + 5 will do the job effectively.

5.       Shift + F10:The shift + F10 shortcut works the same like the right-click on the mouse. It opens up the menu for use.

6.       Ctrl + shift + [desired function key]: Ctrl + F1: If the ribbon on the excel sheet turns out to be a hinderance while working on the calculation, this key helps in hiding the ribbon

7.       Ctrl + F2: This shortcut is used to edit the current cell you are working on

8.       F4 or Ctrl + Y: This command is used when a user wants to replicate the same formula/function/ action in another cell in the excel sheet

9.       F12: By pressing this key, the save option opens and lets a user save their work before they lose it

10.   Ctrl + Enter: If a user wants to copy the content of a cell into the other selected cell range

11.   Ctrl + Alt + V: When a user wishes to put the paste special option, this shortcut reduces the time to select the option with the mouse and keep juggling in with the keyboard.

12.   Shift + Space bar: To select an entre row in an excel sheet. Once it is selected, it will be applied to the entire row of the sheet.

13.   F1: F1 key is used when a user needs to get information regarding any function or formula in an excel. It opens the help tab in excel.