How to find a job during recession periods – 5 secrets for success

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Recession in job markets are a curse for both job seekers and employer and the world already has witnessed the worst period in 2008, and the market still managed to survive. But that is not the last recession, and it can happen at any time, and we need to aware of this always. When companies are forcing to cut the employee size, perks, and benefits, there is no point of expecting new opportunities, and in fact, this will be like searching water in the desert.

The internet has made our life easier in both terms whether it’s for job search or preparing an attractive resume, however, one problem no one can solve yet is finding the best job in recession periods.Though the recession is not anyone’s control, however, you can prepare yourself better so the job losses in recession won’t affect. Here is how to find a job during the recession

Prepare yourself for the worst

In a competitive market, you need to prepare yourself for the worst where your skills and experience will stand out from the crowd, and you can be employable. Put in mind that you can find lots of jobs in demand during the recession and unless you have some unique qualities, finding jobs will be difficult during this period. So when we are talking about preparing yourself, it means you need to update yourself every time with the market demand. You should learn about additional skills outside of your job that you will use during the emergency. People working in the startup have the opportunities to learn new skills, but for those working in MNCs don’t get that much exposure to improve or learn new skills. Instead of wasting your time by sitting on the couch the whole day during the weekend, enroll yourself in some online or offline courses where you can learn something to implement practically.

Avoid hurriedness 

As a job seeker, you will have a fear of losing the job at any moment and think that getting jobs in a recession season is difficult that further increases the stress. You start job search online and offline both desperately, updating your resume for job application, looking for references, but don’t get any call. The bitter truth is this method does more harm that makes an impression of a desperate candidate who is ready for all types of jobs.
Here you are killing your opportunity of getting jobs because of the hurriedness where you are applying everywhere you find a little bit interesting with the same cover letter and resume. The problem with this approach is you don’t stand out from the crowd by using this and recruiters can understand your desperate nature that will open the path for negotiation. Here you may have to settle for a low salary below your expectation.

Create a desirable job seeker profile 

When you are applying for every random job posting, recruiters assume that you are clueless about your profile and this is where you get rejected from the beginning. A successful candidate has a clear idea about the job h/she wants and has a strategy to get it. However, these things require time and proper attention that most of the job seekers fail to do. Recruiters don’t want a person to do the job; they always look for more from a candidate, and unless you know about your goal, chances are zero. An ideal candidate has a plan for an effective job search and has the potential to demonstrate his/her ability and vision regarding the career. In simple, they know what they want that most of the candidates don’t even have ideas. From the beginning, you need to have a specific career goal, and the industry you want to continue, and most importantly, the value you are adding to your profile and company. When we are talking about value, it doesn’t mean doing your job; there are more to do. Here, you need to decide how smartly you are helping yourself and company getting success, and the steps you have crossed to achieve your career goal.

Select the right industry

Industries that will never die

Jeff Bezos had said, focus on things that don’t change and as a job seeker, you should also do the same when you want to decide where to start the career. It means you have to do homework before you opening job search sites and should have knowledge about the industry future, and a career you are going to choose. To become successful, you need to check industries that will never die. Once you get the idea, you should focus on the domain specialization that is not going to out of trend at least shortly in the worst scenario. An ideal candidate can work in different industries while having the same specialization. Recruiters always want to know what you have to offer and how your experience will help them, and this is essential when you are changing the industry. In case you don’t have any advanced training as per the demand, you can project yourself as a valuable team player by showing how you will add value to the company without affecting their budget. Your self-learning ability, self-paid training in the past are the key factors to impress the employer.

Your experience should help in generating revenue

No, you don’t need to sell, but the truth is you should know that this is the only way of surviving for any company, and the importance is too high during the recession time. It doesn’t matter whether you work on sales or not, but your work should have an impact on it, and you need to describe how your job helps to improve the revenue and user activation. By doing this you will project yourself as a valuable person who can help the company in terms of growth. They want to hire a person who can think from the entrepreneur perspective, and if you are looking for jobs in a recession period, make sure that you have these qualities.

The bottom line of getting job opportunity in recession periods is your ability to sell yourself, and for that, you have to prepare yourself from the beginning of your career. Browsing job search websites in the hope of finding jobs won’t help unless you understand the psychology of a recruiter.

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