How can MBA graduates get jobs in India?

India is producing many MBA graduates per year just like it is producing many engineers. This is mainly due to the proliferation of Bschools in the country. Sadly, placements in the lower rung institutes leaves a lot to be desired. The placements in the top 50 institute is decent but the institutes not in the top 50 do not produce good graduates and are not able to give a job to its graduates.  This guide is intended for students who did not get a dream job through their colleges.

Here are two ways you can get a job off campus:

Use job sites

Job sites like,,, provide lots of candidates with a marketing profile. Depending on your requirement, you can list the profiles and shortlist the resumes. The huge database of candidates gives you a choice to select from freshers who are ready to join for a basic salary to highly experienced candidates who will charge a premium for their services. Startups such as provide 24X7 customer support to both job seekers and candidates and can help you find the right marketing executive for your company.

Visit Mintly website to find good jobs for MBA graduates: .

Use job apps

The world has gone mobile. Millennials use their mobile phones for shopping, texting, playing games, traveling and even for searching for jobs. This is where the action is. All big job sites have a mobile app which can help them engage these millennials. You can use the apps of these popular job listing sites to get the candidate of your choice. Mintly offers job search from app also.

You can download the Mintly app from google playstore here : Mintly App.

The different profiles a MBA graduate can be offered are

Marketing management

An MBA in marketing is one of the most sought after specialisation. There are various profiles available on offer like Marketing manager, brand manager, Corporate sales, marketing research analyst, sales manager, media planner, product marketing etc. skills for these jobs include excellent communication, strategic thinking and planning, problem solving and analytical thinking etc. A career in marketing yields good pay. The average packing varies from 3.00 lacs p.a to 20 lacs lpa.

Operations management

Operation management is in high demand these days. Companies are ever finding it necessary to recruit good operation management graduates.  Responsibilities would include managing logistical processes and overall supply chain, overseeing production and product quality and managing relationships with vendors etc. The different job profiles include operations manager, logistics manage, operations assistant, operation analyst etc. starting salaries will vary from 2.50 lpa to 15 lpa for experienced professionals.

Human resource management

Human resource department have become important in mid-size to large organisations. They are responsible for looking after the welfare of the employees, arrange various events for morale boosting and take care of the day to day affairs. A career in human resource management can help you in working in profiles like recruitment manager, resource manager, assistant HR manager etc. Salary benefits will be lesser compared to other management disciplines, but Human resource graduates demand a different kind of respects from other employees in the organisation. After all, all employees have to come to HR to have their demands met.

Finance management

After marketing, a degree in finance management is one of the most sought after degree. Finance professionals get work in profiles like chief financial officer, equity advisor, finance manager, project finance manager, investment banker etc. The pay is very good and graduates from top colleges earn the most in finance jobs. The work is demanding and the pay is commensurate with that.

If you are residing one in South India you can look for Marketing jobs in Erode or Sales jobs in Salem.  There are also many job opportunities in Trichy.   There are vacancies in Coimbatore also for MBA graduates like sales manager jobs in Coimbatore.  You can also search for startup jobs in Chennai. There are many companies hiring MBAs from Tier2 cities and Tier 3 cities.

You can find opportunities in other parts of India also like jobs in Newtown Kolkata, Jobs in Guwahati, jobs in Amaravati , jobs in Hyderabad etc.  If you work hard and search with a purpose, your dream job will not be far away from you.