How helpful is a sales job before a marketing job in building your career in marketing?

Sales job prior to an MBA job

According to me, marketing is an art. An art of making the product or services of a company desirable, which can satisfy the needs of an individual or a group. The art of marketing involves finding out the right target audience, understanding their needs and designing campaigns in order to satisfy those needs. So obviously, a job that involves marketing would require you to know the targeting audience, have an understanding of their needs and desires, the price they are going to pay for your services and design the campaign accordingly. Sales, as a profession can help you better understand the first three requirements of a marketing job easily. Therefore we see a lot of professionals do a stint in sales before going to marketing.

I am going to enlist 4 points on why a sales job prior to a marketing job is helpful, so let?s get started.

Helps to understand the market better

Sales jobs require you to survey the market before selling products or services. You develop knowledge of the market and its requirements which gives you a leverage while designing a marketing campaign. Your selling expertise can also help in pitching innovative ideas to your boss or your clients and seal the deal.

Marketing is sales support

Marketing team works in tandem with the sales team and the two teams need to work closely to properly execute each other?s plans. Sales teams sell the product whereas marketing teams makes them appear more desirable and informs the targeted audience of their company?s product and services. Therefore an experience in sales will better help you understand what is needed from the marketing team to promote the products. It will also help the sales team as you can understand what the sales team need and can cater to their requirements.

You will know the product inside out

Sales guys need to have some good knowledge about the products and offerings of the company. They need to know the inside out of the products. Therefore when you go for a marketing role, you need not learn about the product. You already will have a great understanding of the product and services your company offers. Therefore it is much easier for you to make a transition from a sales job to a marketing job.

You can leverage your network

As a sales professional, it is necessary to build a network of professional contacts. This network can help you in your marketing job too. You can leverage this network to look for further opportunities to market your company?s product and services and get business deals done faster. The marketing team has the responsibility of going out and making the potential users make a purchase decision. So with a professional network at your aid, you can do this all the more easily.

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