How Mintly made a change in the recruitment sector

How Mintly helps in recruitment

Today is 6th September, and the world is moving as usual but for us, it’s a special day that will be always in our heart. Because in 2016, when Mintly was founded, we have never expected that an idea will bring a major change not only in the recruitment industry but also in our lives.

In the era of 21st century, recruitment has become a hot topic for everyone irrespective of nature and ideology they support. We are saying ideology because whoever comes to the power; sole should be on easing the unemployment issues that no one can solve it yet.

When we are discussing such problems, unemployment is not the single issue; it’s a part of the problem, and apart from that the recruitment sector is facing some of the toughest challenges yet to be solved.

When we started Mintly on 6th September 2016, our aim was not to add another number in the startup excel sheet instead to fix some major problems we have observed from a long time. Of course, a business runs on money and, we also focus on revenue and funding, but money should not be the primary goal for any organization if they are working on some real-time problem.

In 2016

While we started, we already faced such problems while working in this sector. So things were not new to us and neither we were experimenting at that time.

So what are the problems we are trying to fix in this sector?

Gone is the era of classified advertisement where you people used to put an ad on the newspaper and sit calmly. Applicants were showing for the interview, and the entire hiring system was not so complicated.

But the evolution of the internet slowly changes everything and recruitment became more complicated day by day that is not easy to handle.

Here is what happened in the recruitment industry in these years

The data become valuable and complicated

In this 21st century, data is the new oil, but at the same time, it became more complicated day by day and impossible to track everything. The problem comes after the increase in fraudulent activities in these years, and there was no way to verify. Even though the technology is at a peak, data tampering became easier but thanks to the Blockchain.

The interesting part is Mintly became the first startup that is working for Blockchain basis background checkup. If you wonder what are we talking about here is some information to clear your doubts.

  • Blockchain is used for data verification and is useful for companies who want to verify the previous employment background of their employees.
  • Manual background verifications are costly, and take a lot of time still don’t give accurate data, and to worst, anyone can manipulate.
  • We understood that Blockchain is the only technology that no one can tamper due to decentralized nature.
  • During those days no one was thinking about it as this was a new technology even though it started in 2008. We started experimenting and understood this revolutionary technology will save time and money of every recruiter irrespective of their company size.
  • Today we are proud to say that Mintly is the first company that is working on Blockchain Technology in the recruitment sector and are expanding overseas.

Lack of content for guidelines

As the industry grows, competition increases, and it makes the situation difficult for both job seekers and recruiters due to the lack of information.

Though there is no dearth of job portals to help both recruiters and job seekers in terms of hiring, however, they don’t create informative contents to help both of them. When Mintly started, we realized that users are not getting the right information to prepare themselves and to worse many are not English speaking people.

Even though they are skillful, but due to the lack of understanding in English, they are not getting many opportunities as per their experience and knowledge.

Initially, we start creating content in the English language to help job seekers, recruiters, entrepreneurs, and later expanded to different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu.

In 2018, we created another milestone in recruitment history. Mintly started producing audio content in different languages to give better experience. We are proud to say that it’s the only platform in the recruitment sector that offers content in different languages and in audio format.

Connecting Global Indians

Though H1B visa gave another headache to Indians working in the US, and when everyone was wondering what next, we started Return to India Program by Mintly. The objective is to help Indians that want to return India and start a new life here. In this program, we help them to find a job as per their experience and qualification.

Apart from this, we started helping people who want to settle in abroad. Mintly immigration program helps them to identify the right opportunity and makes sure that they are getting all the resources and information that requires to find a better career and place in abroad.

Though this is just a start and long way to go, however, being a startup achieving these milestones without any backup and support means a lot for us. We don’t follow traditional paths in our work culture, and that’s why we are offering 24 X 7 support to our all users, and have a dedicated team remotely distributed across the globe.