How to hire effective employees?

How to hire effective employees?
Gourab Mukherjee
Wed, 07/24/2019 – 13:41

How to hire effective employees

Employees are the backbone of an organization. Hiring the suitable employee is a challenging and time consuming process. Hiring the wrong candidate can be expensive and frustrating.  Hiring the right candidate will enhance the work culture, result in high employee morale, positive forward thinking and accomplishing difficult and challenging goals. Let us see the steps that should be taken in order to hire effective employees.

  1. Defining the job at hand

First you have to define the duties, necessary skills, responsibilities, outcomes of a particular job. The job description for the prospective employee must be clearly defined. This is the first step in hiring. Ambiguous job description will prove to be costly both for the employer and to the employee leading to dissatisfaction of both the parties.

  1. Recruitment strategy

A recruitment strategy meeting with the HR leader, the recruiter and the hiring manager is the next step. In this meeting, the recruiting strategy is decided upon and the execution begins.

  1. Keeping a checklist for hiring

The checklist will systematize the process of hiring an employee or employees. This will also help you in communicating the recruitment goals and finally finding the right candidate for the job.

  1. Review the CVs and Shortlist candidates carefully

Next step is to review the resumes or CVs carefully and look for a candidate that will fit properly with the organization’s work culture. Just looking for qualifications and ignoring other aspects might result in hiring the wrong guy for the job. A comprehensive review pertinent with the hiring goals should be adopted while scanning through the large number of CVs.

  1. Ask the right questions

The job interview is crucial for hiring the right employee. So asking the right questions during the interview is important.  In order to separate the desirable candidates from the average ones, the interview questions should be well thought out.  The candidates’ goals , aspirations and expectations from the job should be found out during the interview.

  1. Checking background references

Checking the background references is very important. All the skills that are presented by the candidate must be thoroughly checked. The background checks should include work references, jobs held before, educational credentials etc.

  1. Hiring

At last when a candidate seems to be the best fit, an offer letter is given to him/her. But before that go through the checklist once again to make sure all the requirements that were decided upon have been met. It is important to remember the “7Cs”, that is competent, capable, compatible, commitment, character, culture and compensation. Before being absolutely sure, these points again need to be verified with respect to the candidate selected before making the final call.