Key factors to increase Sales

Head of sales has only one target in mind: to drive revenue.  The bests in the industry know that this is no ordinary task.  But many of us blow the problem out of proportion.  There are four critical areas: strategy, structure, people and process.  With measurable objectives and tactics across all four of these areas, your sales team will become optimized for the growth in sales and increasing revenue. Let us, therefore, drive straight into the details of how exactly we can achieve this.


The first and the foremost thing in order to increase revenue is to create a clear, powerful strategy. Having a killer strategy is key.  It is important to create a clear sales strategy that aligns with your revenue goals. A clear well thought out strategy can move the wheel and is at the core of increasing revenue. Without a proper strategy in place, it becomes extremely difficult to increase sales and revenue.

Identify new opportunities, identify the areas to exploit, find out the latest revenue generating windows, and find out where the competition is failing and what you can do to succeed in those. Look deep-both inside and outside of the company -for opportunities to build a killer strategy. That?s the key to generating and increasing revenue.


The structure is the framework that holds up the strategy. It is the core to executing the strategy. Structure helps you to have the right pieces in place. Without that, a strategy is of no use. The essential thing here is to make sure that your structure supports your strategic efforts.  The structure includes sales operation and sales enablement as well. It is all the things that enable your strategy to take flight.


The most important aspect of driving revenue and often the most forgotten one: people. This is the biggest problem most sales organization face. Finding the right people in the right role is the most difficult task. Take a look at your own team. Do you have the right people for the right roles? Do they have the necessary skills and knowledge to execute what is expected of them? Is your team performing at the most optimum level?

The people part is vital to the success of your sales strategy and is the most difficult to get right. Team members should be properly motivated and dedicated to work towards the sales goals and thereby increase the growth in sales.


To make sure every aspect fall in line, you need to put killer processes in place. Poor process can impede time to market and execution and slow things down. As a business involved in novelty products, such delays can have catastrophic effects. So take a good look at the processes. Are they enhancing the selling process or hurting it? What does your sales process look like? What is your team development process?  Make sure your processes improve your teams? ability to sell.


These are the key factors to increase sales. If your sales organization is not delivering, the problem is in one of these four areas. Identification and subsequent removal of the problems will make the sales organization much more efficient. Working on improving these four critical areas can boost revenues and increase the efficiency of the system.