Mintly Launches 24/7 HR Support Services for SMEs

Published on May 04 2020

With an aim to provide the necessary support to the SMEs, Mintly launched a new service,  24/7 HR Support Service. The SAAS-based service provides cost-effective and affordable assistance to all the HR-related requirements of the company. 

Through 24/7 HR Support Services, companies can avail the benefits of integrated HR, cutting down of overhead expenses, smooth on-boarding services, employee background verification services,  boost in work quality and efficiency, improved employee-employer communication, timely addressing and assistance on employee grievances, and effortless employee exit process.

How to subscribe for 24/7 Support Service?

  1. Sign up with Mintly or log in through our website. 
  2. Navigate to 24/7 Support Page
  3. Select the package as per your requirement. If you are unable to choose the plan, call our team to discuss. 
  4. Enjoy the benefits.

Mintly has a vision and mission to assist the job seekers, employees and employers in their career and growth journey. With our versatility and our commitment to provide distinguished services, we are ensuring exceptional assistance to everyone. 

Author Info:
Sushma Lokapur

Sushma is an ambitious woman at work and loving mother at home. From being an Engineer to a passionate Writer, she has embraced the journey of exploration. Books are her first love and good food comes close second. Talking about Graphology, Face Reading, and deciphering the science behind inexplicable can add you to the list of her favourites. Currently, she is working as Content Creator, Content Curator, and Content Marketing Manager at Mintly. Drop-in a line at if you liked her articles or if you have compelling ideas to share!

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