Should I avail the paid version and become a premium member of

இந்தியாவின் சிறந்த 10 வேலை தேடல் வலைத்தளங்கள் is a well-known job search and recruitment portal which offers jobs that vary across verticals like IT, construction and engineering, financial services, FMCG, banking and include associate, middle and senior level management level job postings. Amongst these the high paying verticals are like IT, financial services, banking and telecom. is a well-known job portal that receives about 80k new applications and resume modifications and also adds more than 10 million people every month. With the millions of people already visiting the website each day, is attracting more visits which has gone up by 15000.

When you avail for a premium, you also feel the package offered by the recruiters should be worth it. Catering to these needs of earning above a certain amount, gives the privilege of choosing this bracket by adding an exclusive section offering a large number of jobs over annual cost to company from various sectors, this all-new section was launched recently.

This feature proves extremely useful for the people with a high number of work experience like with seven-eight years to find jobs besides offering them better hand holding. This feature enables them to get a closer view on to their ideal job conveniently and connect with top consultants, recruiters and niche employers in their city with complete confidentiality maintained.

There is another feature included in the site of direct approach. Now a person searching for a relevant job can simply connect with the top management consultants who gets featured in for guidance. These consultants are from big renowned companies like ABC Consultants, Kelly Services, Manpower Services and many others. These features are in their testing phases.

But despite all these features it fails to provide good user experience through Premium membership. There are several complaint forums which are loaded with negative comments based on their experience on the premium membership. It stated that premium membership will only do the following things like giving a high visibility of your profile to employers. You will receive job offers at regular intervals of time either through sms or by emails or both according to what you choose in the settings. The reviews also say that the Premium membership will only be beneficial, if your profile/resume is appealing enough and has not been exposed to a lot of recruiters. If your profile is not that strong then its of no use and no employer will hire a person with less efficiency, skills, capability, although it is always visible to him. Therefore, it is better to think wisely before availing a premium membership. website states all the below points as the advantages for being a prime member:

  • One gets a significantly enhanced resume which they can use on Naukri and other places
  • One can showcase their general and domain skills to recruiters by certifying themselves
  • There will be an increase in the views up to 3 times
  • One can be then eligible to unadvertised vacancies with head hunters
  • The candidate will receive only relevant openings relating to their profile searched across Naukri and other corporate websites and pages
  • It also offers a member to be one of the first few candidates to receive opportunities. With this it enhances the chances of the application getting shortlisted before others
  • There will be a dedicated customer service team to resolve any queries

In various portals I have read suggestions like to Try for normal non-premium profile first. If your resume is very strong and highlighting enough, you will receive offers and it will be worth. Instead of going for premium membership, the candidate must try for some courses which are currently in demand, and which may make the resume worth having a look.

Another most common complaints witnessed were in the website of mouthshut which said that they received calls from fake people regarding jobs available. It also showed the job profiles which which were not matching the candidate’s profile and kept sending  repetitive SMS. Majority of the jobs were not worth applying to. Also the executives were not helpful in time of need. Moreover if a candidate wanted to delete the profile on Naukri they refused and kept spamming their emails with messages. Also the website takes a lot of time to load. It doesnot provide a good user experience.

Even though is trying its best to revamp its services and provide to their users, its important to have an informed decision before availing a premium service.