Should I become a LinkedIn premium member?

LinkedIn is today’s most demanded platform that enables a candidate to meet their dream recruiter and the recruiter meet their best fit employee for their company. It is an incredible free service that not only helps you build a professional network but also tries to get you upgrades to its premium offerings for you to explore its additional features.

But everyone thinks is LinkedIn Premium worth it? So, in this article we will be covering what are the benefits that you would receive in LinkedIn premium and what are its offerings

LinkedIn Premium has four different price variations:

·         Premium Career: $29.99/month

·         Premium Business: $59.99/month

·         Sales Navigator Pro: $79.99/month

·         Recruiter Lite: $119.95/month

Each of these variations brings in different features. These prices are exclusive of sales tax, which is applicable according to your location. If you pay it annually, you save 20 percent, which is a sizable amount of money. LinkedIn also gives a privilege of trying the premium version free for a month which will help to realise whether its worth purchasing it or not. Many of the benefits are long-term.

So lets talk about the features offered by linkedin premium.

1. For General users for whom it starts at around $25 a month, comes with several features including InMail, seeing more profiles when you search with a seamless access to premium search filters, ability to view expanded profiles on LinkedIn, and many more.

2. InMail: It allows you to contact anyone you are not connected to on LinkedIn. InMails include a brief about your professional background so that the recipient will be confident about who you are. If you don’t get a response, then you get a credit in your account to contact someone else

3. See more profiles when you search: For expanding your LinkedIn Network, getting more than the standard 100 results in LinkedIn search will be worth. Premium account includes a minimum of 300 search results. This excludes for job seekers

4. LinkedIn leverages you to see who has viewed your profile for which you should turn on the setting to allow others to see if you have viewed their profile. By just seeing who viewed your profile, you will be able to see which keywords other people are using to get to your profile.

5. LinkedIn profile views are very limited and will only show you the very basics about a person and their profile summary when they are not from your network. The feature of expanded profile views will allow you to see their first name, photo, job details, recommendations, educational background, skills in their profiles. You can also see the location and other information.  

6. LinkedIn Reference Search filter allows you to look for people who have worked with another LinkedIn user to contact them about their performance.

7. LinkedIn Premium for Recruiters starts with $49.95. The features include exclusive talent-hunting filters, saved searches with alerts for new candidates who match all your search criteria, reference search, and many more.

8. LinkedIn Premium for Job Seekers starts at $19.95 per month. Its features include the ability to search $100K plus jobs with detailed salary and application profile information, it also gives the ability to move up to the top of the list as a featured applicant, also gives access to the job seeker community.

9. LinkedIn Premium for Sales Professionals starts at $19.95 per month. These features include a Lead Builder organizer, gives you the introductions to companies you are targeting, and many more insightful data. Some features exist only in limited accounts like for a featured applicant status for Job Seekers, most of the features are same as the general user package.

10. There are different levels of search filters. Each premium account type (except for Job Seekers) includes basic Premium Filters such as:

·         Seniority level that Filters people based on their seniority titles such as Director, Manager, Intern

·         Company Size – Filters people based on the size of the company they are currently working for or if they work for a fortune 500 or 1000 company.

·         Interests – Filter people based on their LinkedIn goals like the ones to reconnect, reference check, aspires to be an industry expert, who is looking for jobs. Premium accounts for Recruiters also include an additional set of filters that shows the work experience of the candidate with the number of years served in a position, the type of company and recommendations.

These are the features of LinkedIn premium. If these features appeal you then you will equally benefit from it. It will never disappoint you since you will be applying for it after trying out the free monthly version provided by them. Being a premium member always benefits in some or the other way from the regular users.