Tips to become a better sales manager

A huge achievement and a ton of experiences may create the illusion of being the best sales manager but it is not true at all. Economics says that nothing is stationary, either you upgrade or downgrade. So in any field, everyone has something to work on and get improvements. The sales field is one of the fastest fields where anyone can improve each moment. 

Great sales leaders are incredibly successful for not only their innate skill but also because they are quite aware of their weaknesses and devote time and energy to constantly learning and improving themselves. As a sales manager, one should learn exactly where it needs to make changes to himself, his team and his sales culture in order to develop and grow the business.

Here are some ways to improve as a sales manager, becoming the best version of yourself and leading your team to success.

Transparency and welcoming new ideas 

Transparency is sometimes undervalued by leadership, but it can have a huge impact on overall sales culture. As a manager, you should be open about your team’s goals, struggles, and any changes you make to the sales organization. You should accept your limitations and acknowledge new innovative ideas from the juniors. This will make every member of your team feel like they’re a part of the decision-making process and eliminate rumors and miscommunication across the board. The advantages to this kind of creativity are many – by opening up to other people’s ideas, you increase the brainpower on your team.

Competition and success

Salespersons always appreciate competition and they want to become the most valuable sales rep by selling the most. Even though you want your team to be tight-knit and work well together, healthy competition is an integral part of sales. Great sales managers are driven by the numbers and know their sales rep’s activity levels, win/loss rates, sales pipeline, and much more. Use sales metrics strategically, and you’ll be able to understand how to drive sales success more consistently. If you’re only measuring the deals and dollars your team closes, that’s not enough to truly define success. You need to track many different sales metrics in order to effectively analyze your team’s progress from month to month and find areas for improvement.

Be flexible and admit your mistakes

As a sales manager, you have to be willing to test everything from your company’s value proposition to your ideal customer profile, to an effective sales call cadence. Great leaders are able to be flexible and implement change quickly and effectively, all according to the numbers and not their subjective opinions. Sometimes, you will be wrong, and your team of sales reps should be able to respectfully disagree with you without fear or discomfort. This means you have to be comfortable admitting when you make mistakes, and understand that it’s not the end of the world. The best leaders are OK with failure because it just means that you’re trying new things and taking risks. If your idea doesn’t pan out, you need to be comfortable admitting the mistake and learning from it.