Tips to reduce Attrition in your organisation

Tips to reduce Attrition in your organisation
Gourab Mukherjee
Mon, 07/29/2019 – 09:08

Tips to reduce Attrition in your organisation

One of the major problems companies are facing now a days is the increasing rate of attrition. There are a lot of other companies which are facing the same problem and somehow dealing with it. But there is hardly any company which is taking a proper trend setter step to reduce the rate of attrition. It is often said that for a company employees come first, then the customers. If there is no employee to serve the customer, there is no point of having even the most valuable customer of the market. Hiring talent and keeping them is also something should be done in a proper way. As employees serve the customers, they also need to be taken care well. Employees will reflect the good feeling to the clients.

There are some tips on how to reduce attrition and retain employees more.

One should always focus on hiring the right fit the company. It is very important to get validated on the candidate’s understanding about the job role and the company before hiring. One also needs to be very sure about the candidate’s adaptability as later on if the work anyhow seems stressful for him/her, he/she might just leave.

Taking a regular feedback from your employees gives them an idea of their importance. About the work or about some random issue in office the employer and the employee should communicate. This feedback also helps to be updated about the current situation at the workplace. Apart from this maintaining a transparent mechanism with your employee also needed. It makes the employee feel secure with the work environment.

Sometimes you just need to have fun with your employees. Going out for a team lunch, a regular discussion over coffee makes the situation a bit less stressful. The employees also get free with each other. If a workplace only gives serious vibes all the time, employees might get either bored or irritated with it. So having fun with them is essential for make them feel good at the workplace.

One should always appreciate a good work of an employee. They work real hard to get a work done and sometimes they do with so much perfection and ease that they deserve to be appreciated for it. This definitely goes a long way. This gives the employees encouragement to do better. There should be an annual appraisal program where all the employees get awarded for their works.