Why companies should use premium hiring features offered by Mintly?

1.Provides Premium service to clients
Premium customer service is an advanced level of customer service that extends beyond basic
service activities to include a more personalized and customized approach that create a
customer-centric business atmosphere.Mintly is working at its best in providing clients with
quality and assuring on meeting the companies’ demands.The service is also kept at par with
effective time management.For instance, Mintly will submit the profiles to the client in 3-5
working days once the client shares the opening.
2.Remarkable HR team
HR helps in BUILDING teams in an organization.HR helps in BUILDING an organizational
culture.HR helps in people ENGAGEMENT and DEVELOPMENT.Thats how exactly Mintly’s HR
team is.Customized, productive and authentic.They specially communicate and work for the
demand of the clients.With virtual HR departments, the ongoing review process is a reality, not
a dream—and that means you’ll have more engaged, satisfied employees working for you.

3.Background Verification
Most job applicants might as well be actors for how much they put on a performance during a
job interview. The goal of any job searcher is to charm their interviewer and come across as a
friendly, professional person.So wearing masks is apparently needed.Quite simply, some of the
applicants you are going to meet during a pre-employment screening are dangerous.But Mintly’s
team is intellectual enough to carry genuine and intense background verification of the
candidates shortlisted after the interview.In short, you want to make sure you hire the right
person the first time, and that means being as thorough as possible in your initial screening
process. Mintly makes the procedure easy enough.

Spread your wings with Mintly. Don’t worry if you are not satisfied with clients.The duration for
replacement clause in Mintly is 3 months.There are no chances of attrition with Mintly
candidates.The clients can be absolutely stress free regarding the candidates. Mintly serves the
best without compromising on the quality.