The Indian community in Canada has a fascinating history spanning more than a century. Starting with just a few immigrants landing ashore in Vancouver, British Columbia, Indo-Canadians now comprise one of Canada’s largest and most well-integrated immigrant communities.

Today, approximately 30,000 Indian citizens become new permanent residents of Canada each year.

Tens of thousands more come to the country to visit, work, or study. Though Canada has always been a country that welcomes immigrants, America’s recent approach to immigration has led more immigrants to turn to Canada as a viable alternative for starting a new life.

Many of the Canadian universities are present in reputed international rankings and a recent educational strategy set by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses on increasing the number of foreign students.

This means that international students coming from any part of the globe are now more than welcome in Canada so it is no wonder it became so popular in this sense.

The detailed educational plan encourages foreign students to pursue jobs during their Bachelor’s or Master’s studies and to remain in the country for work opportunities after graduation.

From accelerating their career to acquiring citizenship,Canada is becoming an idle destination for Indian students.


Canada immigration rules are not as rigorous when compared to other countries, hence is much easier to qualify.

A Canadian passport holder also enjoys a visa free travel for almost all major countries across the world.

And funnily, Canada is likely the only place in the world where you can crash into someone, and they will apologize to you.

They are actually the politest people ever existing on earth because they are happy folks.

Most Canadians will enjoy having a good laugh about anything from the weather to politics, but be sure not to joke about ice hockey as that is a deadly serious business.

Beyond being multicultural, Canada is known for its diversity and inclusivity in other ways.

The country has strong support for the LGBTQ community.Canada’s urban centres such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are particularly diverse, and home to many ethnic neighbourhoods.

In Toronto, which is regularly referred to as ‘the most multicultural city in the world,’ more than half of the population identifies as a visible minority.

The country even increased the number of sponsorship programs, such as the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship program, to help you get the rest of your family to Canada.

Not only that but certain visas are designed for specific jobs such as the BC Semi Skilled category that lets the province select workers who have experience in hospitality, long distance transport and processing to become permanent residents.

Additionally, the country is one of the least corrupt places in the world according to the Corruption Perceptions Index in 2018 that was reported by Transparency International.


Canada’s affordable education system has contributed to its appeal to immigrants.

It is considered one of the best educational systems in the world, and is easily accessible due to its affordable costs.

It has increased the level of academic talent that Canadian companies look for in their own development efforts, and further stimulates a strong economy.

The government spends more per capita on education than any other country in the world.

As a result, Canadian children perform well across the board and, on average, stay in education longer than most other countries.

This, in turn, has created a well informed, well paid society that still offers great career opportunities for skilled people.

Some of the top universities in the world like McGill University, University of British Columbia and University of Toronto are located in Canada.

In fact, many of the Canadian higher educational institutions compete with leading and famous universities from the U.S. and the UK for instance.

As a student in Canada, you can earn as you learn, allowing you to pay your way through university or college all while obtaining crucial work experience — that’s why this is among the top reasons to study in Canada.

When you arrive in Canada as a newcomer, you can be assisted to enroll your children for free public education in your local area.

There are approximately 15,500 elementary and secondary schools across Canada.

You are bound to find the perfect one for your loved ones.

Since the country is so welcoming, these services will also extend to helping you start a new bank account and getting a tax number to help with finding accommodation.


Canada is rapidly becoming a destination of choice for employers seeking skilled tech talent.

Toronto leads the pack, with big names like Google’s Sidewalk labs, Shopify, Salesforce and Facebook setting up shop in the city.

The Business Environment sub-index measures a country’s entrepreneurial environment including its business infrastructure, barriers to innovation and labor market flexibility.

This ranking indicates that there are great employment opportunities available in Canada for people from all walks of life, which again is one of Canada immigration benefits.

Other big industries in the city include media, tech and tourism, with the city boasting a growing startup scene.

A strong professional network is one of the most important things you can have in a job search anywhere, and it’s massively helpful for finding a job in Toronto.

There are a ton of jobs available in Toronto, but it’s also necessary to keep in mind that there are are many professionals competing for them.

If you want to be selected for the job, you’re going to need to have a CV that really stands out.The great news is that Canada will accept any skilled occupation
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Canada was ranked the 6th most peaceful nation in the world.

The index weighs a variety of factors including homicide rates, militarization, political stability, diplomatic relations, ongoing conflicts, incarceration rates, and terrorism impact, among others.

Canada hasn’t had a bank failure since 1983. Also, unlike the US, which continues to use magstripe cards, Canada has moved towards PIN and chip technology, which is a lot more secure.

Canadians are also very forward-thinking when it comes to using bank tech, with 68% of Canadians doing their day-to-day banking online or through mobile apps.

From world-renowned parks like Banff and Jasper in Alberta, to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, to Georgian Bay in Ontario, there’s no shortage of natural wonders to enjoy from coast to coast.

Speaking of coasts, Canada also has more coastline than any other country in the world, with over 200,000 kilometres of coastline, almost 4 times as much the next closest (Indonesia).

Canadians also have faith in and respect for the political system and government bodies.Canada’s political campaigns are also short and inexpensive for taxpayers compared to other democratic nations.

Even at a national level, political campaigns rarely last more than a few months.Despite spending about half of what the US does per capita, Canada’s quality of care has been rated significantly higher.

Thanks to the reliable healthcare programs available to everyone in the country, Canada has one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates at just below 82 years.

That places Canada’s life expectancy at 18th in the world.All provinces and territories in Canada will provide free emergency services even if you don’t have a health card.

You will be transported to the nearest hospital in case of emergencies.Canada is run by a legally elected government that believes in fair laws and systems that are aimed to protect its population.

It’s criminal justice system is built on the principles that all individuals have the right to be judged impartially without any interference from third parties.


The country lowered the age needed to apply for citizenship where dependants aged 18 can apply for citizenship without a guardian’s permission.

There is also the Spousal, Partner and Children Sponsorship program which is set to allow applicants to sponsor their close family members.

From ice bound arctic tundra and snow sprinkled peaks to sparkling lakes and vast woodlands, Canada can take your breath away at every turn.

Every weekend and holiday will be packed with skiing, whale watching, kayaking and hiking around this spectacular wilderness.

For a more unique experience, how about swimming with a polar bear or sleeping in an ice hotel? You can do it all in Canada.

Whether you want to enjoy French-Canadian cuisine in Quebec or sample tasty treats at Canada’s many excellent ethnic eateries, Canadian restaurants have something savory to satisfy the preferences of practically any palate!

There are plenty of great sports to play or watch in Canada, including ice hockey, basketball, baseball, football/soccer, golf, lacrosse, rugby, cricket, tennis, curling, swimming, volleyball, and snow skiing.

Their sensible and fair immigration policy gives anyone truly willing to make a successful life in Canada a good chance of achieving their goals.

With over 250,000 immigrants settling here every year, Canada has clearly evolved as an idyllic destination for any potential expat.

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