Why should engineers view sales as a lucrative career option?


Engineers and sales don?t make the best graduates and profession pair. Engineers view sales with certain distaste as a career choice. Popular stigmas like sales people are not respected enough and salary isn?t lucrative do the rounds. All these misconceptions and myths prevent engineers from pursuing a lucrative career in sales which is full of challenges and with commensurate benefits. Engineers love problem solving and sales is about how to break new grounds to promote and sell your products.  Also, sales are the bread and butter of all industries. Without sales, there will be no revenues and consequently no salary. So if someone doesn?t take care of sales, how do you expect to get a job in some company where you earn the big bucks? Who will pay for your salary if everyone decides to give sales a skip?


Let us look at some of the key benefits that await an engineer if he or she decides to ride on the sales bandwagon-:


Enlarge your professional periphery

A job in sales ensures that you interact with VP?s, product developers, business owners and suppliers on a daily basis. These interactions with people from different spheres give you tremendous exposure which can help you boost your resources as well as career network and future scopes.


Interpersonal skills

If u want to choose a career in which you can develop and hone a varied array of skill sets then sales job is perfect for you. Other carriers might make you feel stuck to your office chair. But, in sales, you can deal with varied fields and with different people, which in turn develops your most vital skill that is the interpersonal skill. This skill teaches you how to influence people and get along with them.


Huge earning potential

There are various financial perks in sales. Apart from  the base salary, there is a huge possibility of receiving commission and bonus and other additional  benefits .There is a limitless growth opportunity lies within sales. As the greats of personal development like Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins continually state, sales is the world?s highest paid profession.


Flexible work opportunity

Sales job provides such a unique and fresh perspective that other jobs simply don’t. You can have flexible working hours too. For example, if you finish your assignment well before your deadline you are free to enjoy your leisure. You have the freedom to arrange and manage your schedule also.


Satisfaction via accomplishment

Sales are the perfect job for them who want a sense of accomplishment in their life. Think about this way, you and your skills are only responsible for creating a huge profit for the entire company. Isn’t it something? In a way, you are not only making your customers happy but also the employees of the company happy as well.  It is kind of an adrenalin rush when you approach someone to close a deal. This gives a sense of fulfillment and builds up your confidence.


Entrepreneurship skills

Sales also develop entrepreneurship qualities. Being within sales and managing your territory as a sales manager create domain knowledge which no business school can provide you. Even there is a slight chance that if you are good enough in your job, your company can help you financially to get an MBA degree as well.


Is the relationship between sales job and engineers one sided only? No, sales domain is equally benefitted when talented engineers enter this line of profession. Engineering products are best sold by engineers rather than trained non-engineer salesperson. As an engineer, he or she will have a detailed understanding of how certain products work and can, therefore, help the customer with their queries. A non-engineer sales person will just learn the usage and possible Q&A about the product, but never the detailed understanding. Therefore manufacturers of engineering goods employ engineers as salespersons to do their selling. Engineers bring their problem-solving assets to the table when they engage in sales which can work wonders for the company.