As it is rightly emphasized that our workplace keeps on changing and it is necessary for us to change according to it. The Audible’s Workplace Handbook serves the same purpose. With time, we have changed the way of gaining information. From reading from books to reading e-books, from newspapers to news apps like InShorts to know about the real world affairs, similarly from reading about corporate etiquettes to listening to audio has become the new cool. The Workplace handbook tries to be the new

The main attraction of the Audible workplace handbook is that you can listen to it anywhere you want, at any time. Whether you are travelling in a crowded train or you are in the car, en route to your adjunct teaching gig. By listening, you somehow save the lost hours which you would have normally spent idle.

People do not know what kind of content they can experience through audio. The best way to create that awareness and adoption is to put the best content out there in front of as many people as possible. The best way to do that is for free,” said Shailesh Sawlani, Country General Manager, India.

Mintly on the other hand has initiated with the Workplace Handbook that helps aspiring candidates to be updated with the corporate etiquettes and many other qualities required to go up the ladder in the corporate world. It is a comprehensive audio show for professional who aspire to be successful in the corporate world. The audio show can be listened to during traveling or while one is just relaxing, essentially utilizing a listeners time while imparting important career tips.

The Workplace Handbook focusses on topics pertaining to the corporate behaviours, communication skills, maintaining good relationship with your superiors like leads and managers, what are the traits of a successful manager and what skills a manager has to pertain in order to be one of the top in the organisation and many more.

This was about Audible, now, the company has launched the Audible Suno app. It has the following features

  1. Audible Suno is available on the Google Play Store and iOS users of India can access it through the native audible app.
  2. This app is especially for the Indian crowd
  3. It is free of cost and does not need any registration.
  4. It does not require any sign ups
  5. It will be without any advertisements and interruption free audio will be available to its users
  6. It offers audio content from nearly 60 content creators.
    1. This includes big elite celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar, Tabu and Anurag Kashyap. Audible suno comes in both in Hindi and in English dilect.
  7. There is no membership fee required to listen to the audio shows in the app
  8. It will feature 100s of hours of original audio series in different genres

What makes Audible Suno app interesting is that it is completely free and available separately on the Play Store. Additional advantage is that it features ad-free content. This application has also tied up with leading digital content studios, that includes TVF, OML, Culture Machine, Film Companion, Terribly Tiny Tales for original shows and audio series on the Audible Suno platform.

Audible Suno gives entertainment a completely new format. It also consists of a range of fiction and non-fictional series. The range of fiction series includes themes like horror, romance/relationships, suspense etc, while the comedy series on Audible Suno features India’s funniest comedian Abhish Mathew.

Non-fiction series includes interviews with some of the country’s biggest stars. Other than that it also has socially relevant series that explore topics like mental health, sex education and the rights of the LGBTQI+ community.

Audible Suno has actually fostered the old indian culture of storytelling through its Audible Suno App. The way the Indians have carried the art of storytelling to their subsequent generations, audible Suno app has taken the idea and helped the Indian audience to engage themselves in their travel or idle time and fill with varieties of audios.

To know more and download the Audible Suno app, please click here

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