Maybe there are hundreds of reasons to say No to marketing as an engineer which most of us do but we will give one reason, and that is if you can think how to program a computer or design a circuit then it is not difficult to understand a customer?s psychology. When as an engineer you are building something, it requires a lot of patience to understand, and that?s what exactly happens in marketing. If you are a master of thinking, then it is not difficult to learn marketing after all this is about to get the customer attention. Steve Jobs famously said, ?Everyone should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think?. With the rise of biggies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook, programming becomes the popular career choice for most of the people, and it doesn?t seem to stop as technology is developing day by day. It?s a good sign that most of the people want to know the basics of coding, however, learning marketing skill will be an added advantage, and it?s not like nice to have especially for startups; having these skills are necessary because at the end of the day sales & marketing will decide.

Ability to understand
  Usually, engineers work in product development environment, and while building, it is important to think from the customer view which is impossible most of the time because they don?t have direct contact with them and marketing team works as a representative. Most of the time, customer?s requirement comes to the sales team and send it as a report and chances of misinterpretation are high due to the lack of ability to understand the technical parts. If engineers directly deal with them, it would be easy to understand their requirements without any interruption of the second party, and it?s like being in customer shoes.

Can understand feedback
It would be like in the middle of Bermuda triangle to understand their feedback of both client and sales team where you have to deal with lots of uncertainties at every moment unless a direct contact with customers. It is difficult to understand the problem of a customer in details for a non-technical sales team, and even at worst they may make promises which would be impossible to fill up. Though, they may identify the problem but difficult to explain on client?s behalf. For engineers, they have to translate it in their technical terms by wasting times with lots of missing information that a non-technical person can't understand and without any direct interaction it is difficult for them to know the root cause which may take more time to solve. A technical person values the efficiency and can spend more time with the customer as a sales-person to know the problem and analyze it from technical and financial perspective. Sometimes they have unrealistic and expensive demands so, a person with sales and technical experience can clearly demonstrate what is possible and impossible.

Can differentiate
  Most of the time technical people fail to understand the difference between saleable and non-saleable product and being an expert in technology won?t help to increase the revenue because a technically superior product may not sell that made through an overnight decision. Knowledge of sale will help them to understand to make a product that customer will love and it doesn?t mean how complicated behind the scene; if it solves their requirement then no need to worry about other aspects. After all, a successful business is not about creating a world-class product- It?s about to solve the problem that people are facing.