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The growing demand of customers? makes it difficult for companies to run the business which should be a step ahead of their competitors and whatever may be the reason, end of the day sales is the primary target as there is no way to run the company without it no matter whatever their business is. Though having different career goal is normal for everyone but in case you want to stay ahead in your respective field then Sales should be the first career choice and is essential for those having entrepreneurship goal. Admit it or not, everyone is in sales be it directly or indirectly. From a waiter of a restaurant to the founder of a startup and even a CEO of an MNC, everyone is working as a salesperson for their respective business, and the undeniable fact is the strategy and strength one can learn from it will help throughout the life from career to personal. You still need the reason. So here are some.

You will meet different people


 When you join a company, most of them are claiming that the profession is exciting and have a scope to meet different people in everyday though 99% are false as you end up by meeting only a few people related to the profession. For example, as a software developer, you will meet people who are dealing with IT products and not a 0.1% chance to see anyone from outside whereas in sales the scenario is different better say unique. In this job, you will find every kind of people, and sometimes beyond your imagination but this will shape your attitude, makes flexible and most importantly teaches to build a professional relationship with the client which is the utmost priority for any organization. You can't assume whom you are going to meet but dealing with different personalities will give a fair idea about market demand. As biggies say, to become successful, you have to listen more and talk less- this is 100% applicable to sales and is the only profession that improves patience.


It?s a part of life


 The ultimate goal of a salesperson is to sell whatever the product is. Before joining in the position, you have to give an interview and the ability to convince them that you are the perfect hire they are looking for and this is not limited to sales as everyone who is attending an interview becomes a salesperson for some moments. To be honest, the ability of selling can decide your success rate whether you are working as a salesperson or product head or even a CEO of a publicly traded company, the goal is to what value your product or share gives to the customers or shareholders. At every moment of life, we are dealing with sales whether teaching or starting a business or buying and selling something, once the word negotiation or convince comes to your path means you are dealing with sales.


Ability to deal with rejection


Life would be beautiful has the word rejection absent from our dictionary! Unfortunately, we have to deal with the reality and accept that this is a part of life, but the best skill we can learn from sales is the ability to deal with this. Unless you know how to deal with rejection, the progress won't happen. While dealing with the customers, you can't force them to buy, and in most of the cases, you must be ready to face rejection though this can become an opportunity to improve the selling strategy if done carefully. One of the best life lessons a person can learn from the sale is to convert the rejection into an opportunity and accept criticism as a way of improvement.


Communication & confidence


 An idea is useless without any expression, but the ability to present itself can take towards the first step of success. Communication doesn't mean by speaking well with customers; it's about how to win the trust by maintaining a better relationship with them. Here you need to learn and practice as there is no perfect time to represent the pitch, handling rejection, dealing with criticism and solving their doubts and all these will improve with the time. A client meeting can convert into a sale though it will be disastrous during the early stages but not impossible as time passes both communication and confidence will increase and make you an experienced salesperson that can change each meeting into a sale.

Whether you want to be a lawyer or programmer or entrepreneur, initial sales experience will help you in every possible matter as there is no better training than working as a salesperson where you learn more than selling a product or service which are essential in our daily life.