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As Theodore von K?rm?n says, ?A scientist discovers that which exist; an engineer creates that which it never was?. What is the common you notice in Narayan Murthy, Shiv Nadar, Azim Premji, Larry Page, and Jeff Bezos have? They all are engineers and well-known entrepreneurs. Whether you are from sales background or not; even if you have years of experiences in this field but viewing the sales from an engineering angle is incredibly powerful, because it?s the engineering trick to minimize the input, and maximize the output which could be a blessing for sales. For the successful sale, companies should focus metrics driven and process-focused approach to increase the revenue system without wasting more in time and money. Though there is no direct and indirect relation between sales and engineering, however, the mindset should be like a technical person who always tries to find shortcuts to achieve big, and it has nothing to do with qualification and skills which we used to believe. In case you want to ask why a salesperson should go on the path of engineer then take a not on these points, and if you think like same then congratulations! You are a technical mindset person.

Focus on quality
We know everyone do quality check before selling products, and it doesn?t require any technical qualification as you can do it as a regular user, but the question is how deep you can dig to check the standard, and if you are one of them who can go beyond their knowledge for a proper verification, then you are a person with technical mindset. Quality check is the most important task because it is the only way to get a positive outcome and by figuring out what matters and doesn?t will improve the brand image as well as product quality that will ultimately make both company and customers happy. When you start supplying the products, there is no chance to compromise with the quality or supplying sub-standard products that will waste the time, instead use of some tools for quality score will be helpful for the sales team, and the use of CRM to track the data about the progress. When you are an engineer or have a mindset of the technical process, then the process of verifying the quality will become easier which it should be, and doesn't matter if you are experienced or fresher.

Have a wide view
A technical mind motto is not just to sell instead it wants to understand the customers? requirement. It?s difficult for a salesperson to answer why should customers buy the products and most of the times they are unable to give a clear answer, and there is no way to say that they don?t understand the product as this would be an insult to them that eventually destroy the further conversation. When customers ask such questions, salespersons are usually giving negative, confusing and incomplete answers; in a simple, they are behaving like this is the only solution for all problems, and he/she knows more than the customers and try to convince them by saying that they would buy that eventually annoy them (customers).
Instead of forcing the customers which led them not buy, do something different out of the box. The first rule of sale is- don?t sell anything. Think like an engineer. Listen and understand what they believe, and why they are not interested in buying. A good salesperson would ask questions instead of making any statement or argument. He/she should not say something unless the customer shows the positive response. Ask them about their problems and if that is the right time to talk or make an appointment to get back them with another time.  Engineers and salesperson are not different when it comes to solving the problem. Both find a way that doesn?t exist because it is better to solve the problem that will help to make a sale in the future instead of making quick bucks that may cost by losing a customer who may be interested in your products/services later.  Want to become a better salesperson- think like an engineer.