A sales engineer needs to explain more, and without any good presentation, the conversation would be a waste of time and energy whereas with preparation it would be easy to increase the chance of making the listener into clients. Here are some tips how master the art of presentation.

Start asking question

Before starting a presentation, ask few questions related to the product and services, and it doesn't mean to waste the time instead to know how much understanding they have regarding the product, and once you know their doubt, it will be easy to present the content in a way to clear their doubts.

Keep it short

Usually, people don't have the patience to sit and hear a speech for some hours, and it doesn't matter even if it is related to them however the motto is to complete everything within a limited.  The problem with the long presentation is it will increase the unnecessary doubts and make them more confused, distract them more to listen and will divert the attention from the real purpose. 

Be flexible

Giving presentation doesn't mean that you will force all the arguments regarding the products and services on the audience without knowing their opinion. People will usually feel bored when you speak more and more without making any practical movement, and to get their attention you have to do something different like making eye contacts, talk something outside of the product, ask their doubts, say funny jokes and make something pictorial or video presentation with stellar background music which don't make them bored. By sitting or standing and reading the slider and force to accept your argument won't make any effort. 

Have knowledge about the competitors

It doesn't matter how big or excellent product you have, customers will always compare it with the competitors and ask questions regarding this. The moment you claim that you have the best product among your competitors is the moment they ask you to elaborate your claim, and you may face some difficult questions, however, having a brief knowledge about the competitors will help you a lot to clear the doubts.

Create a story

Showing demo doesn't mean you have to rant everything about the product and show them the boring power point presentation and of course, it will be boring if you don't make the conversation interesting. Clients agree to come for the demo means they are interested in your product and here you have to show your creativity by telling them how it was made and the reason behind it and how this will solve their day to day challenges. Your ability to keep them busy with the interesting conversation depends on your storytelling capability, and we are not saying to tell anything lie which may backfire. 

Create an emotional message

Maybe you are not the sole player, and it is not necessary to win the race however to create a unique impression you have to articulate a message that will have an emotional impact on their mind. The objective is to make them realize that you are creating the value so that they will feel; they are in a good company. It's not like that they will believe whatever you say but showing them some proof with examples can make your argument strong and will help to gain the trust. For example, you can show the story of your elite clients who were facing the same challenges and how you solve it with your product and service.

The aim should not just sell the product by any means, and this should not be the nature of salesperson which could make a wrong impression. The goal should be to create the value which will automatically make a positive impression, and customers will happily buy your product and service without any second thought. The relation between customer and company doesn't end after the sale; in fact, it starts the new relationship, and depends on the company how to maintain it.

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