Most of the people lose patience in reading about Jobs and just apply for it noticing the job role and sometimes the expected salary too. While according to the survey, people?s usual attention span is only a few seconds, reading a job description may require 4-5 minutes. And reading job descriptions start to finish, paying complete attention, being the most important factor while completing a job application you may want to know why-

Acknowledgement of Job Requirements

Job requirements such as qualification, skills and experience are the parts that will make you apart from other candidates and you will know whether this job is suitable according to your education and experience.  If you just pay attention to the first 4 requirements in the list you can understand whether you possess the required qualification or not. The requirements are generally categorised as mandatory and preferred. Note that if you don?t meet the mandatory requirements this job is not for you though some preferred skills and certain experience in the field of job can be enough to be considered.

Reading job duties help

Recruiters also provide a list of job responsibilities involved in the job. Often applicants don?t read the duties carefully as they think the job title pretty much sums it up but the duties sometimes vary from job to job so read through it carefully and don?t assume. Then include the duties that you are already experienced at in the Resume

Decide if the job is suitable

while you know you have all the qualifications and you match the eligibility criteria, it is important to know whether you are on board with the company background and its prospective job roles. It will save you from applying to any job that you are not confident about because if you do so you will be considered as insincere while being interviewed. Recruiters always desire to hire enthusiastic candidates and hence if the job role doesn?t motivate you then move on to some other job applications.

About Company

Most of the major companies include a section containing company info in their job descriptions. It is usually to inform the aspiring applicants explain a number of facts, values, goals, achievements- a summed up history regarding the company. Companies often give detailed info about their business philosophy, system and their approach towards customer support as well. Reading this section will enable you to understand whether the particular company is a good fit for you.

Additional gain

Other than reading the job description itself you can use the information given in the description to have a better look at the company culture. The company website link or the name can help you to do a research on the employee values and other benefits in the company. Knowing all these will allow the applicants to take the best possible decision. Also, you can prepare yourself well according to the company goals and requirements.

Go through the ideas and ways to explore a company:

?         You will get company website by typing the name in Google.

?         Create a profile on LinkedIn and search for the company name. Not all the companies have LinkedIn profiles but the major ones surely do.

?         Communicate with family, friends and consultants about your interests in the company and get to know if anyone has any info on the company.

?         There are certain company review sites like Google, Glassdoor, Yelp etc. for taking better career decisions.


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