People who are not pleased with their jobs can feel severely depressed at times for feeling like a failure or having fears about the long-term future for it can deteriorate one?s mental strength. Don't let a bad job consume your confidence. If you are one of the 40-50 percent workers in India dealing with depression then this article is for you as it deals with the helpful guidance that could encourage you to manage depression in getting stuck at your work.

Primary suggestions

Since you are a survivor and are proud of your ability of resilience, you should not give up easily and you should remember that you must try-

1.   Have confidence: You can assess your condition to check whether it truly supports the qualities you require. For instance, if you have a requirement for self-sufficiency, will the organization enable you to deal with your own timetable or direct the exercises you take a shot at every day. If you don't have a clue, then find out.

2.   Take the responsibilities seriously: While your organization doesn't provide you desired values, would you be able to get them somewhere else, for example, outside the organization. For instance, if you have to oversee individuals, would you be able to volunteer at charity and get a position of authority? This would fulfil your need to manage people in your team.

3.   Plan ahead:  If you aren?t able to fulfill your needs in the company or outside the company, then you probably have been put in such a situation to change your work environment and may search for a job change in

Try something new

It?s sometimes difficult to understand if the job you are currently in is making you feel ill. While in the midst of depression it is rarely possible to function well in any job. After the time is over, however, you may be able to realise that it rather than the environment or people in the workplace it may be more about the work itself that is deteriorating and usually damaging your healthy living. So you better start determining what is right for you and make better alternative choices like temporary work, frequent job changes, entrepreneurship following your passion, being an artist etc. anything that satisfies you.

Possible barriers to the change of career

Personal Investment: This is something that you might resist and avoid for few years as you have invested in doing the particular type of work that you hoped to do for a long time.

Financial Risk: Without that no one can earn living at all in the first place. One can?t afford to lose the earning even for a few months at the beginning of something new.

Loss of confidence: While dealing with depression, you may have some problem with making the right decision, to select the best alternative to lead onto. You might sometimes underestimate yourself. You may feel not to be talented enough to work on anything else, even something you always was passionate about.


There?s no easy way to deal with it. But you might need to make some better changes to cope up with depression. You need to learn to balance practical desires with the more basic needs of recovering health, sustaining relationships, sometimes even remaining alive.