Zappos is a company that strives to deliver ?WOW? through service. Based on the customer feedback it receives. You can decipher that they are doing a pretty good job of it. For any service oriented company, they provide a perfect example of how you can build your company culture around customer centricity.  Zappos takes decisions that will provide the best value to the customer, even if the company loses money in the short time. They always strive to gain in the long term and don?t concentrate on short term gain.

Zappos core values are a set of guidelines that all Zappos employees must follow in order to achieve their corporate goals. In a way, they are like corporate guidelines with some exceptions. Instead of being just written on a piece of paper, the Zappos management takes care that these core values are incorporated into the very backbone of the employees.

There is a lot of learning from Zappos.  The Indian start-up scene is still in its nascent stage. If we as a community get the best learning from the best companies in the world in a particular sector, it can go a long way in building the best start-ups in the world. Here  are 3 core Zappos values that Indian Start-ups must follow:

Deliver WOW through Service

This is the first core value of Zappos. Zappos wants to give its customer the ?WOW? experience, not just act as an online retailer. Its customer service team gets rigorous training to cater to each and every customer query. It is famous for making every new employee to through the training of speaking directly to customers. It believes that each and every employee must know how to handle customers. They provide ample resources to employees so that they can delight and bring happiness to the customers.

Embrace and Drive Change

It is said that change is the only constant. Those companies that have successfully adopted this philosophy have prospered and those that have denied acknowledging this have perished. Zappos believes in embracing and driving change. It tries to instill a culture of change among the employees. It wants its employees to take change as a way of life and not fight to resist it. It is the only way for a company to keep growing. Today, business scenarios change every day, so flexibility is very important for all businesses. Indian start-ups must also accept this fact and be prepared to change their views or way of doing business according to the situation at hand.

Monitoring and management

Zappos follows a unique system of evaluating its employees. Instead of rating employees on how they have accomplished their tasks, they evaluate employees on how well they embody the 10 core values of Zappos. Thus maintaining the culture of Zappos is the very field on which employees are measured. Evaluation of an employee is not only done by their managers, but by their colleagues also. If someone has performed extraordinarily, there is a system to give recognition to a colleague. This is a great way to motivate their already highly motivated workforce. Indian start-ups must also look at different ways of managing and evaluating their employees instead of sticking with the same old methods.    

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