The world is not unknown to the wonders of AI, time and again AI has proved that it can cross the limits it is not meant to. There has been a lot of speculation over the impending dangers of AI taking over the jobs of millions in the next decade, but how much of it holds substance is still an open ended story. Like every other fable,the story of AI can have multiple endings, from taking over humanity as slaves to bestowing it's services to mankind forever, there is so much that can happen over the next decade that we as a race are yet to witness.


AI has a history of miracles which saved the world. From the First World War which resulted in Alan Turing's "Enigma", which changed the course of an already lost war to Germans, and saving up millions of lives by cracking the most impenetrable code in the history of mankind and is capable of creating any algorithm's logic. Today IBM's Watson has changed the way we see AI, from making advancements into cancer cure and treatment to helping speech and hearing impairment, AI has come a long way. From world's first speech recognition algorithm which garnered so much popularity "Siri" to the driverless cars and AI powered smartphones which have become a part and parcel of our lives, it is everywhere. Our future holds an eminent place for AI,from Cyborg technology which would entail interaction with machines , and others such as wherein AI  would help the cause of dangerous jobs, also helping serious issues as climate change and smart disaster management. It is a cosmos full of stellar possibilities, but is it necessarily bad for jobs?

Let us explore this question through the following set of beliefs and facts put together.


The age of wired emotions can be as real as reality. Over the past few years AI has moved from just being an algorithm based entity to understanding steps and reevaluating it's approach. The Emotional quotient which humans consider as their only weapon against AI's threat, which we believe cannot be found in AI, is still questionable. If AI can learn to know what you feel when you search for something, it would not be a distant thing for it to feel by sense of touch emotions and human feels.


Yet the biggest question which hangs above all of humanity is whether this advent of AI will eat up jobs of millions of humans by 2020, and if we go by figures, even though everything is fairly possible in today's nonchalant world, this is still a far fetched possibility. Two years is fairly less for any technology to kill jobs but there is a lot momentum in that direction. We cannot be sure if AI would be a job snatcher but definitely with the way we are becoming heavily dependent on it for things as little and trivial as changing our TV channels, or playing music and turning door knobs, we are in a lot of ways digging our own graves for the same. Our creation which is meant to serve us, obey us and act accordingly has started to react to our environment and disrupt our expectations.


But is it the only side that our country holds. To be fairly correct there is a great possibility backed by facts and figures that even if AI will take away around 1.8 mn. jobs at the same time it will also create around 2.4mn. new jobs by 2020. Today if we see more than half of the world's manpower is involved in doing mundane jobs which are monotonous to their core. Their is hardly any opportunity or scope for innovation and creativity in jobs around the globe, especially service sector and specifically in that client servicing. This is the kind of job which can be easily replaced by AI in the form of chatbots. However if we dig deeper we would realize that if these jobs would be lost to AI, all those involved in these jobs would be able to divert their time and energy into more creative ventures. If AI would be able to take care of all routine jobs there will more thought given to creating better and more useful jobs for humans befitting their skill for creative thinking.


Also time has been witness to the demise of the old and the rise of the new. If one thing has to be let go of, another would take its place.  We have come a long way from being Hunter gatherers to Farmers ,  from domestication of animals to coming in contact with animal viruses and pioneers in Sciences to develop medicines for the same, every bad has seen some good come out of it, and we have at every stage created more jobs and employment opportunities for the posterity. If today we think that AI will be the reason of gulping down numerous jobs by 2020, there is a silver lining in the sky, where new and more creative jobs will find their way into the market and also promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in the generation to come .


Thus it would be safe to say that even if we lose jobs, there will be a much more greater creation of new jobs and entrepreneurship ventures for the coming generation. Let us always be hopeful of a better future which would be kind to all .