How do you choose between passion and money! We all have seen people suggesting us to follow passion and money will come by. How practical is that? It's very much subjective and let?s not get into that. I will try to depict an objective and practical approach to this. It is completely ok if you haven't found your passion yet or if that is not very rewarding in terms of money. There is always time and scope to discover your passion. When the thing you do to earn your living matches your passion, then that is the best case scenario. I mean that is the dream, Right? To get paid for the thing you love to do. One thing needs to be understood here is that every passion might not have the profit potential. If you are not able to fulfill your fundamental requirements, there is no point in living your passion. We need to realize that passion is not enough if there can?t be any business out of it. A business needs two fundamental things- one is the product or service and the 2nd one is the demand for that product. People need to accept your product without which you cannot run your business. It is always wise to maintain a balance between your job and your passion until your passion becomes your job.

What is this Balance?

Money may not buy you the happiness but to be honest, money is necessary. It brings you economic freedom. It gives you a sense of fulfillment at the beginning of your career. It might not be the driving factor for long but until and unless you earn a decent amount of money, you will always feel the pinch of its shortage. At the same time, you should not go blind for money. Money brings you happiness only for a short term. If you have seen the movie ?The wolf of wall street? then you know what I am talking about. It should not be misunderstood that money is everything. We are human beings and we have a soul which understands emotions. Money affects the mind but not the soul. Money can buy you the enjoyment but not peace. All the relations you can boast of that money have brought to you will go away once you are low on money. So the point here is that you should not live only for earning money. Money is important as is your passion. Everyone has some or other talent/ skill/ passion which will be liked by the society. If it can earn you money, then you can think of building a career out of it. But to earn money, you should not leave behind your passion and you may not want to live your passion which does not give you enough remuneration. If you feel that you don?t have a passion which can pay you well, then nothing to worry about. You continue with any other job of your choice and maintain your passion side by side. This is the thing that will help you to relax when you are stressed or over worked. Passion should not always be like an earning machine. It can earn you respect and recognition in your society or in your organization as well which is great. In a nutshell, if the market is ready to pay for what you offer, you are good to go. Just try to strike a balance between both of them.


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