Someone said it so true ?Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard?. In a world full of competitive edges and people striving to be better than each other at every point it becomes imperative for people to keep continuously evolving and shifting in their manner to keep up with the changing times. Some people around you might seem to be born with a certain set of qualities and you might start down selling yourself looking at the ease with which they accomplish certain tasks. But you must not let this upset you, for the way the world has worked, it has always been the consistent ones who have won and been successful throughout the course of history than just the talented ones.

Taking from the fable of the rabbit and tortoise, it is the slow tortoise who eventually wins the race despite being the slower one; and all this by being consistent and never taking the competition for granted. It is easy to reach the top but to stay there is what takes gargantuan efforts. You must know that even though talent brings in smarter ways of doing things, it is only hard work which can carry you ahead. With sheer dedication and persistence even talent can be cultivated.

What most of us fail to understand is that talent is like a plant. If you do not water it every day, it starts to wither and one fine day you realize that it died an unnatural death. This is the same with talent and genius, you might have a lot of potential to do extremely good but unless you nurture your talent, grease it every other day, it would only lie in desolation getting wasted at your own complacence.

The qualities that we are inherently born with due to our gene sequencing or any other heavily coded scientific phenomenon remain dormant unless we bring them to use with continuous practice and experiment. Let us say you have an axe and a bundle of woods logs to cut. After the initial bundles you might start observing that you require greater force to cut the logs and also that after a given point the axe begins to lose its grip. Here you have reached a point where your axe needs to be sharpened again. It is only after sharpening it again that you feels the ease back to functionality.

This is the same with talent and genius. Once you know you have started to lose your grip over your area of expertise, it is a red flag that you must be going wrong somewhere and most of the times it is your own lackadaisical approach which brings you down. There is no doubt that some people are gifted with certain qualities which gives them an upper hand at doing them but then there is nothing in this competitive world which is not irreplaceable or cannot be developed with constant efforts.

What can sum it up better than the very story of Napoleon Bonaparte. Once Napoleon went to a palm reader but the palm reader told him that he did not possess the curve of destiny. Hence our very beloved Napoleon drew out his sword and engraved upon his palm a line of destiny forever. This tells us that there is not much a human can do about what they are born with but with consistent efforts one can always achieve the desired outcome, which talent and genius cannot do alone.