And all the world could be a half told story, if it were not for the writers to have come and rescued the essence which otherwise would been lost upon the face of the earth. Literature is an era in itself, a vast expanse of endless possibilities. And if you are someone who loves to read, explore, analyse the world, its people, cultures, traditions, history, economy, and politics, social, philosophical and psychological aspects, Literature is the path you must tread upon. Being a Literature graduate I can vouch for the infinite possibilities which open up to you as a student of this field.

To all those out there, who feel that a degree in Literature can only get you as far as a professor in some university, then you need to think again and this time maybe more diligently. Teaching Literature is definitely one of the most popular choices of people after getting a degree in Literature, but then the scope just does not end here itself. You can choose from a plethora of opportunities, and they range from the white collared jobs such as being your own boss, that is having your own enterprise or event management, to being a full time writer, a novelist, a screenplay writer or even lyricist. There is no end these possibilities; you just need to identify what it that you want from life is. For me it was my passion and indomitable love for the wildlife and nature which drove me towards eco entrepreneurship and preservation of the wild. From writing about the things you believe in to using the expertise of being able to critically analysing everything, and seeing the minutiae in the mundane there is everything that you can do with a formal education in the field of literature.

If you are looking forward to lucrative careers which give you a fat paycheck you can always go in for a degree in management and choose your area of specialization. Thus having a degree in Literature puts no constraints on your choices, for even far related fields such as finance are an option.  

Coming from a background of Literature one can always expect to be the most well read in the room. It is always a feather in the cap to be able to understand the greatest of minds in the world from times immemorial. A rich hold over vocabulary and influential speaking and writing skills come handy almost everywhere. One of the most alluring fields is journalism. Literature and Journalism go hand in hand and if you have a heart for that which goes in the world, then it is one of the most ambitious career options for you.

It is something which I believe in earnestly and that is the power of language and in ways how it helps you to overcome barriers of communication, understanding and empathising with people around you. It is a world full of possibilities and  there is no one putting a cap on your dreams, just go out there, explore and you will find Literature rooted into every corner around the globe.