And it?s never been crazier than to narrate all those incidents where I remember people had such intriguing and interesting things in their CV, one could ever hardly imagine in the normal world. Trust me when I say weird things, it is not just people putting irrelevant stuff out there, but there have been so many incidents where people have baffled their interviewers and HR screeners of their extraordinary capabilities of standing out. Let us have a look at how our human race is capable of incredible creativity, unseen and unknown in the history of mankind.

Money and Bribe

One of the most spectacular oddities seen by a friend of mine was finding a blank check along with the CV, and he literally could not be more happy to either fill it up and be rich(though, it is ethically not correct) or to call the applicant in person and thank him for his generous donation to the firm.

Pets Really!

Sending pictures have been a common outrage, assuming that the recruiters would be looking for faces and not people, amusing it was. Naked pictures and even personal letters or confessions reach out when only the CV is acceptable. I wonder what drives these people to go so out of the box that the box becomes a dot. Some people have been even brave enough of putting their pet details in their CV. Look how more Crazy can they be! Who would be really interested in knowing about your pets and their hobbies until it is a pet hospitality center.

Voila! Great Hobbies, but are these relevant?

Then we have had people putting extremely humorous stuff out there on their CV?s especially when it was for a sales profile. I remember someone putting fishing as a hobby, while applying for a supermart job, God knows if he thought selling fish also entailed teaching them how to catch one, but then this would dissolve the entire motif of selling them fish, if they would learn to catch one.

Flowery ornamentation! Beautiful but necessary?

And then there are people who would come up with such beautiful CV?s, intricately detailed with fancy borders and flowery words, resembling an invitation to a grand ceremony, only wherein one thing was aloof, little one can make out of who the person is, except that he or she has an elegant taste in wedding cards though this might work great for greeting card designers. Once a CV had borders of real gold and they decided not to throw it away, but preserve it eternally, in case recession struck.

Sometimes CV is a way of expressing how creative and innovative people can get, but spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are the one of the most unwanted of all. There is a basic rule to writing CV?s and one must abide by it. Make sure that you do not err in writing the name of the position that you are applying for or mention unnecessary hobbies, which do not compliment the job. In the end a CV speaks for yourself, let it speak the relevant things and leave  agood impression on your recruiters.