Choosing a career in marketing can be the most productive and high paying. Based on your preferred profession and the academic qualification, you can choose from the various kinds of marketing job roles available in the industries. One can likewise observe that the vast majority of the fruitful marketing manager jobs don't need any management degree other than a proficient marketing mind. Everything relies upon the person's aptitudes, approach, and experience. As the job of marketing people in India involves making, interacting, delivering and trading offers of client's decision by meeting the targets of the company, you can decide a career in any of the marketing roles explained below:

Product Manager

Product manager takes the responsibility of planning, marketing, and estimating sales of a product throughout the stages of the product life cycle. The activities of a product manager vary from collecting data on the product from the targeted market, develop product features, modify the product, and collaborate with the advertising team and all the other departments of the company to bring the product to the market.

PR manager

PR manages correspondence part with the traders, media, customers, investors and also the common public as well. The obligations involve press release, media briefings, and enquiries, interaction with shareholders, general data on budgetary outcomes, business associations, or any news of the association that might possibly affect its reputation.

Brand Manager

Brand managers work on making a positive brand reputation of the product, product line or product blend. Their major job is to create brand awareness by investigating the consumers, rivals and recognizing opportunities to strengthen brand image among the clients in the competitive market.

Retail manager

The profession can either be in managing the store or purchasing. The individual must be interested in traveling as because a purchaser?s responsibility involves visiting on trade shows, market hubs etc. to buy newly entered products to include in the stock. One should be aware of the constant changes in buying habits as the new offerings entering the market include a wide variety of choices. The most proficiently and adequately run retail shops are hiring expert marketing executives for retail roles in India.

Advertising Manager

Large organizations have advertising departments to take care of entire advertising of the company. However, smaller companies often outsource advertising to an advertising agency. So the company depends on the agencies with a proficient team of advertising managers that are capable of doing that. Responsibilities in advertising may include strategic planning for executing an advertising campaign. The different roles in advertising are media manager ad coordinator, media director, advertising manager, advertising sales, media buyer etc.

There are so many marketing industries available in India engaging in different kind of approaches. One needs to know their capabilities carefully and have a learning mindset because marketing is purely about learning and implementing. Also, every day coming up with new and creative ideas maybe challenging but it is the main mantra of marketing and one should remember that always while heading towards a career in Marketing.


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