Choosing an appropriate Sales Rep for the company is the most important decision as the contribution of that candidate can totally change the dynamics of the company’s performance. A sales rep can take a company to another level by his skillsets.

In order to select a candidate who is willing to contribute his 100% for the company and is equally creative, adaptable, smart and can work under pressure, there are several offbeat ways that may ease the burden to find these qualities in them:

  1. Presence of Mind

It is very important to see how a sales rep reacts to changing situations. The person who impresses the most by selling you an unusual item with creativity and smartness could be your next superstar. Let that be from selling a pen to an insurance policy, it is necessary that the sales rep knows all the knacks of converting a customer.

  1. Get it done!! Attitude

Every sales rep must have a never give up attitude. A Sales candidate is always subjected to multiple rejections, it’s up to the sales rep how he tries to persuade the customer to buy the product. Like restaurant waiters and waitresses meet so many people of varied personalities in a day. They have to literally think on their feet, be responsive, be quick and provide stellar services and work very hard. These attributes are a must in a sales rep.

  1. The Customer is sometimes right

Word of mouth marketing is the strongest means of communication that increases the number of turning the prospects into customers. A good customer can become sales rep indirectly since he genuinely likes you and values what you do. This enables a customer to talk about your products and services from his perspective which can turn into the best sales pitch.

  1. Strong communication skills and persuasive power

A Sales Rep should have a knack to explain the product really well to his customers. For this, a deep understanding of the product, patience and good communication skills are a must in a sales rep. Customers can very well adjust and make up their mind to buy the product or a service that an efficient sales rep.

  1. Value for time

A sales rep has to value a customer’s time. Being crisp, to the point and transparency are the top qualities that a candidate has to possess. Giving situational questions during the interview will help a company to recruit the best candidate.

  1. Don’t look for sales experience, look for sales talent

A great sales hire can be a teacher, a waiter of the restaurant or an engineer. It is necessary to identify the traits of a sales rep in a person than to look into the number of years he/ she has worked as sales rep. There should be qualities like competitive attitude, excellent communication skills, charisma and charm and a high tolerance for rejection.

  1. Turn the rejections into potential referrals

If a candidate refuses to join the organisation during his recruitment, it is better to ask for referrals from him since some of the best hires start with referrals. This will ease the task for finding sales reps and also can procure good amount of talent in the company and can give deserving candidates a chance to prove themselves

  1. Keep recruiting continuously

Never wait till the last moment to recruit a perfect sales rep. This process should be continuous and the company should keep looking for prospects because if one needs to make connections today to get the best candidate recruited tomorrow.

  1. Take continuous feedbacks from every candidate or current employee

It is one of the main function of a company to take feedbacks from your past experiences and make continuous amendments and improvements in the recruitment process. If the process is monotonous it will be difficult to bring in variations of qualities in a candidate and the team.

  1.  Try to make sure that the applicants know well about the motto of the organisation

If a candidate fails to understand the aim of the company and the type of work culture and pressure a sales rep has to go through, it will be a waste of a valuable resource. The recruiters must modify the recruitment process in accordance with the complexity of the product or the services the company provides. If the employee gels well with the working process of the organisation, half of the work is done.

These are the unique ways through which a perfect sales representative can be recruited in a company.