1. Digital tutorials Blogger

Amit Agarwal

A computer science engineer who worked in various multinational companies like Goldman Sachs then started his blogging career by teaching digital topics and inspires his list of passionate and dedicated readers who are always on the search for the latest topics in the digital world.

Amit Agarwal makes this a very high monthly income from different blogging-related sources. He has his own blog named labnol.org. The bulk of the income is from paid advertisement that is accountable for 75% of his monthly income. This pioneer Indian blogger is the best in this field and has indeed inspired many Indian bloggers to take up this passion of teaching through blogs.



Harsh Agarwal

A technology enthusiast who started his passion by writing blogs on different types of marketing like Mobile Marketing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, has reached to a high level. He has his blog named Shout Me Loud. He has recently posted many articles on how to convert a blogging passion into earning decent passive income out of it.

On June 24, 2018, he was awarded the “Best Blog/Blogger” from The Indian Blogger Awards acknowledged his contributions and “for outstanding excellence in the field of blogging.”


  1. Travel Bloggers

Sudha Ganapathy

Sudha Ganapathy has keen interest in exploring the places in India and International which has a huge history or a story behind its creation. She is an actual traveller, bookworm, editor photographer, foodie, classical music lover and a graphic designer.

In her blogs she has exclusively written articles about every place that a person needs to visit in every state. She has beautifully stated all the significance of every structure and religious sentiments of all the temples that she visits. Her international travel blog articles are also worth to read.

Click here to know more: https://sudhagee.com/


Sankara is a renowned name in the travel blogging sphere of India. He has been featured by the very best international and domestic travel and media brands and has travelled around the world and touched all the 7 continents. His blog ‘Be on the road’ is related to his travel and photography. The difference in his blog is the section ‘Vegetarian Tour Guide’, which gives all the tips to enjoy a vegetarian travel. He mentions all the places to try where the vegetarian cuisine is exquisite. He started his blogging passion in Aug 2009 which has been converted to his career today. His blog is regarded as one of the top 50 blogs in India and his photographs and/or travel articles have been featured in National Geographic Traveller India Magazine, Deccan Chronicle newspaper, trip advisor, India Today and many more.



  1. Interior Design Blogs

Rukmini Kumar Kadam

She started her interior designing blog named Trumatter in 2009. Her blog posts, such as “Round up: Our favourite buys from minisco”, “Fitting a Home Office in Our Tiny 110 Sq ft. Bedroom”, are associated to all the readers, for the ones searching for ideas for their own small flats in the city and the colour combination recommendations given by her are worth implementing. Her decor and DIY ideas are easy and affordable. She has won several awards and has been featured in some of the renowned publications in the country.



  1. Food Bloggers

Archana Doshi

She is one of the bloggers who is immensely passionate for food. She is very passionate with her blogging and encourages other women to come up and share their recipes.  Her blog named Archana’s Kitchen gives the world credible and confident ‘DIY’ solutions for everyday cooking. She is always on the lookout for trying new recipes and healthier cooking techniques.



Swati Sucharita

An allrounder who has been a part of print journalism, now runs her own content consultancy and is a full-time blogger. She had started her food blog ‘ Eatopian Chronicles’ and is on a journey to promote odia cuisine to the world and she had also curated an Odia food festival held at The Park, Hyderabad. Have a look at the blog in the weblik below



  1. Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Guy Kawasaki

An Evangelist, Author of thirteen books and a key note speaker in almost all the top-notch companies, Guy Kawasaki has made a benchmark for him in the world of evangelism. He is currently working in Canva, the Australian online graphic design company. His blogs revolve around the topic of social media, innovation, entrepreneurship and of course evangelism.

Get to know more about this famous person on his blog below:



John Lee Dumas

If you don’t want to be confined in reading about just one entrepreneur, this is the best blog to read where in John Lee Dumas, known as JLD, interviews all the top entrepreneurs of this age and posts it on his blog. He has interviewed tonnes of emerging and well-established entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Brian Tracy and many more.

Please go through the link below



Pat Flynn

He has written this ‘Smart Passive Income’ which is an blog worth reading for entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers. He considers himself the dummy of seeing what works and what doesn’t work in the world of entrepreneurship.