In India, every year we get 1.5 million engineers who join the already populated engineering graduates pool. Engineering has become the du facto choice of science students these days. These students are not to be blamed though. If anyone wishes to work in big corporations, then an engineering degree is more helpful than a science degree.  However, the jobs that are available in the country cannot absorb so many engineers nor they can provide a job that is suitable keeping their skillset and education in mind. So the companies and the educational institutes are equally responsible for creating this mess.

Engineering graduates should develop themselves in such a way so that they acquire the necessary skillsets to get good engineering jobs. By good engineering jobs, I do not mean those that pay a lot, but those jobs that utilise the skills of an engineer. Engineering graduates should strive to learn more than what their university teach them. So in this article, I am enlisting 4 things an engineering graduate should do to become more employable.

Learn Coding and build something on your own

For computer science graduates or IT graduates, this comes as a no-brainer. They have coding in their syllabus. But much of those coding sessions are outdated and don’t teach you enough to build something on your own. You should learn languages like Python, R which would help in getting data scientist jobs or JavaScript and PHP which would help you land web developer jobs.

What about other disciplines of engineering? Well they should learn coding too. Electrical, electronics, instrumentation engineering students should also learn coding, as a computer language is needed in any field you want to pursue later. If you want to go into research, you will need to learn python or some other data mining languages.  If you are studying mechanical engineering, learn Autocad, if you are studying electrical engineering, learn SCADA or MATLAB properly. If you want to shift domains, you can easily do that if you are good with programming languages. More than learning languages, learn how to think logically and put it into the code. That is the most important skill.

So Learn CODING!

Develop a hobby other than reading

We all get so absorbed with our assignments, internal tests, university exams etc that we do not have any time to give to our hobbies. That is a mistake many a student do. When companies come to recruit, they focus on all round personality of the student and not just your academics. Having a unique or interesting hobby can tilt the scales in your favour. It will make you stand out from 10 other students having the same GPA as you. Learn a musical instrument, create YouTube videos, engage in creative writing, build prototypes etc. Basically go get a HOBBY!

Learn Skills apart from subjects

If you wish to get employed by corporates, you need skills along with your subject knowledge. Most corporate jobs have no resemblance to the things you study in your engineering. This is sad but very true. So corporates look for skills that will help a graduate work better in a professional environment. Skills such as teamwork, team-building, communication skills are soft skills that you should have, apart from that, decision making, critical thinking and problem solving skills are also required. Some hard skills like knowing MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint will help you in your corporate life.

Select 2-3 subjects and be very good at those

No one expects you to know all the subjects in engineering like the back of your hand. Select 2-3 subjects that you will passionate about and study those properly. These subjects will help navigate the technical round in the interview process, be it a job interview or an interview for higher education.