Companies are willing to recruit candidates who are extremely passionate about their work. It is said that 94% of the recruiters use Linkedin to source the candidate and find the ideal worker for their organisation. Linkedin is one such powerful platform that can be used to showcase your passion.

Linkedin has helped a lot of job seekers find their dream job. It has also helped recruiters find the candidate who is the best fit for their company. Once you have a recruiter having a look at your profile, you would want two main things to happen. Firstly, the recruiter gets impressed by your profile and they like what they see and secondly your profile should be updated and accurate. There are multiple ways that you can attract your profile to your dream company recruiter. There is no one right way to do it.

There are several pre requisites that needs to be done before taking the steps of attracting the recruiters. Those are updating your profile, filling all the right information, uploading certificates of extra accomplishments wherever necessary, having a good profile picture well groomed and not extremely casual, having a crisp and clear description of your achievements wherever necessary, try and get recommendations and endorsements will give your profile a notch above others, making yourself findable and gaining valuable business intelligence.

Apart from the above to-dos for an efficient profile, there are a few more points that needs to be considered:


1.       Show-up in Searches

As it is necessary to keep updating your linkedin profile, it is equally important to show up in recruiter’s linkedin searches. We have to make the utmost advantage of linkedin SEO. Use all relevant keywords applicable according to your profile so that your profile will appear when the recruiters will search for candidates over linkedin.


2.       First Impression is the best impression

If your profile is perfectly written using all the keywords and your profile comes on top of the search list, then make sure that its clickable. Make sure that people are actually willing to click your profile and have a close look into it. For this, your name, profile photo and heading which is visible. Your profile photo should be professional and visible at a glance. A little line of description about your entire profile will urge the recruiter to open your profile and have a view of it. So be extra thoughtful in filling that area of your profile.


3.       Be accurate with the dates and information

Always try to include the most accurate information about your education and employment. Include dates of employment and the description of your job during that tenure. Don’t forget to write any accomplishment achieved during your tenure, make sure you mention it. It will be an additional advantage if those accomplishments are backed up by numbers, percentages and some context. Complete all the sections in your profile. The key sections include certifications, education, projects, licences, languages, volunteering activities etc.

The options in skills and endorsements includes the keywords that the recruiters try to find. Linkedin allows you to put upto 50 skills in that section. It also gives you the leverage to give preference to these endorsements according to your choice.

While filling all these key areas make your grammar is accurate without any single spelling mistake. It will bring down the impression in a second.


4.       Join Group Discussions relevant to your expertise

LinkedIn has got so many groups that share valuable information on all the trending topics going on in that field/domain. Joining as many group discussions will not only enhance your knowledge but will also enable people to know your area of interest and passion. Make yourself findable and join interest groups like alumni, skill and industry-based groups, geographical interest based groups etc.

With this the recruiters will be impressed by seeing how highly involved you are in your field of expertise by knowing the latest trends and innovations in it. Make sure you do not make a mistake of asking the questions like “who can get me a job? Within a short span of time? Actively looking for a job change etc.


5.    Be Active on a daily basis

Make it a point that you spend atleast 10-15 mins on LinkedIn or atleast for a significant amount of time on weekends. This daily involvement will reassure the recruiters that you will be responsive to the replies that they send regarding job opportunities. Share good information or articles that you find daily, increase your network so that even they are aware about your activities and interests. You never know someday your LinkedIn connection itself can give you a job. Include samples of your work. Upload presentations if you have prepared to If you have completed a course on say Tableau, make sure you update it on your accomplishment area or just post it.