The world is facing a health crisis and people all around the globe are moving towards organic foods to reduce the risks of lifestyle diseases in their lives, especially obesity, cardiovascular diseases and dermatological issues. In the current scenario, there are various industries which are investing in organic foods, if you are one of them then these are some of the ways in which you can hire a salesperson for your business.


Once you have created job positions for sales people in your enterprise you can engage in advertising campaigns which may include print media advertising through newspapers, pamphlets or even magazines to make sure it reaches out to a wider audience. Since many people still follow print media as a means for looking for jobs, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. You can also target audiences on TV by going for ads on local channels, if your budget constraints wider reach. A good investment in advertisement would definitely lead to potential candidates coming up for the job.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s high tech savvy world where almost everyone spends the majority of their time on their phones and a major chunk of that face time is spent over social media networks, it becomes very viable for small businesses to go online and utilise the opportunity of being visible to the potential customers as well advertise for job positions. In order to make the job of the sales person look exciting, you as a business should make sure that there is value creation in the process of selling organic food products for them along with formation of value networks.

Spreading Awareness about Organic food

In order to make sure that the products your salesperson will sell, they believe in it, which would give them the satisfaction of working for you, you must also take up awareness sessions on the benefits of organic food products and how they would help people in overcoming a lot of diseases which are caused by chemically produced food wherein harmful insecticides and pesticides are used in agricultural produce and this when enters the food chain makes it unsafe for the consumption of people.

Posting on Job Sites

This is one of the easiest ways of promoting your job vacancies through recognized mediums wherein the major viewership for jobs happen. By choosing online sites like,, and even on internship portals like Internshala or Letsintern you can get lot of people especially in the age bracket of 20- 30 years applying for the requisite position of sales. If you are new in the organic foods market and have yet to establish yourself, than you should go for providing internships to students with stipends to ensure sincerity on regular commitment on their part. This would help them learn the culture of the business and give you a chance to assess their abilities in the longer duration and help you make more informed decisions about their applicability in the sales job.