How ridiculous the world would have seemed if there were no arts and even worse if there were no artists to see the world with a different lens.  There in the eye of artist lies an understanding of the deeper delves of the human psyche and the way humans behave and to this we fall upon our fate as humans, to understand the nuances of excelling at our careers.

Arts education in our country is seen as a frivolous form of education, though we are now witnessing paramount change in this mentality thanks to the various diversity factors inculcated in various programmes across the country, especially in the field of management. One might even acknowledge the fact that people are turning towards arts education to excel in careers at various levels.

Coming from the background of Literature, I can vouch for the essentiality which arts education can play in your life, from understanding the nuances of life in general to all the basic conundrums of economics, politics, history or evolutions of a particular era, to employing critical analysis theories regarding various phenomenon all around the world, there is nothing untouched by the functionality of arts education.

An education in Arts allows you to see and interpret things in a novel manner. In today’s world wherein people are complex and emotional stability is a huge factor which determines work life balance of so many, an education in Arts can help you inculcate that emotional quotient which your workplace would highly value. It is fairly possible to acquire technical knowhow of work but to be able to see the things in between black and white; an education in arts comes handy.

In India various choices are available for aspiring students to opt from, which includes Economics, Literature, Political Science, History, Languages, Performing Arts, fine Arts and so much more. From among such a huge variety of options available, the next question arises is how can an education in all these help one make a living?

To my surprise I have found musicians exploring the world of entrepreneurship and Language students going all their way to becoming financial experts in the industry. It is a stigma related to the field of education that a degree in arts may not be able to fetch you those seven figure salaries, but then I am very sure that there is more to career then just numbers. It is a value addition process and it is no where written in a golden rulebook that people who have a formal education in Arts are not capable of undertaking complex roles.

Today students of Arts education have made it to Ivy League B schools, law firms, and Corporate Houses and not once has there ever been a flick of rumour of their incapacity to perform. An education in arts in today’s world does not restrict you from exploring other avenues. There is only thing which holds substance when it comes to defining your career and that is your own belief in yourself and a degree in arts stands out among a crowd of conventional domains of study.

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