“Cold Calling” has become the buzz word for sales in today’s scenario. It is one of those magic mantras which every startup or even established firms look out for to grab a larger consumer base just over a phone call. However it is not any cakewalk, since cold calls are usually taken as a nuisance by those who don’t want to be disturbed by innumerous offers and also want to keep their private space completely unperturbed by unknown sellers.

You must be wondering if people are so reluctant to receive cold calls then why companies even bother about such a frivolous technique. But the truth is that cold calling does work, and it depends upon the influencing power of the call maker, that whether the consumer he is contacting gets converted into a potential lead. Here we have mentioned some tips for being better at cold calling

Start politely but with adequate energy

If you start with a smile in your voice and energy beaming through your very words, half the battle is already won. Always remember that happy voices sound better and more comforting, and this ensures appositive response from your consumer as well.

Have a pitch ready

Now it is never advisable to call people without having done appropriate research about your product and that what you are selling. Remember the person on the other hand is smart and may put up questions which you might not have looked for. Therefore having a pitch prepared beforehand helps in directing the conversation in your favour. It also ensures that all the important aspects and features are talked about and mentioned clearly during the call

Do not persist

Now it is something very commonly observed that people don’t like to be directed while you explain them things about your service or product. Go only to a stage of persuasion till they are receptive to your explanations and answers, but beyond that always be humble and end the call on a good note.

Be a good listener

Many a times we feel that the person who makes a cold call keeps on telling about his own product or service and seldom pays attention to the fact that there is someone on the other end of the receiver as well. This absent minded monologue is what kills most of the conversations. One of the best ways of cold calling is go by way putting up questions. Try to involve the receiver in every possible way into the conversation and ask relevant questions.

Follow up regularly

Many times after having made the first call, we forget to follow up with the potential lead. This is highly irresponsible. After the call, you must ensure that you enter the details for a next follow up and make sure to do that on time. Regular follow ups enhance your credibility. And also increase your chances of converting the customer.

Remember while cold calling one question which is often asked is how you got their personal details, to this you must always refer to the centralized database system which your Co. maintains.  Cold calling is an experience, where you are expected to convert complete strangers into customers, but that is where adds to your experience.